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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Strategies for affiliation in media editorials : persuading and aligning readersLiu, Feifei
2005Strategies for optimising domestic solid waste management systems in urban areas of Australia and South KoreaLee, SH
2007The strategy and realization of enterprise integrationWu, Raymond
2016Strengthening midwifery educator capacity in low and lower-middle income countriesWest, Florence
2009Strengthening of RC slabs with penetrations using unanchored and anchored FRP compositesKim, SJ
2013A strengths perspective on social accountability : informing citizen and state action for improved services and developmentWinterford, KH
2009Strict local martingales in continuous financial market modelsHulley, H
2014Structural control optimisation and health monitoring using newly developed techniquesAskari, M
2011Structural dynamics of modular bridge expansion joints resulting in environmental noise emissions and fatigueAncich, EJ
2000Structural evolution during the preparation and heating of nanophase zirconia gelsSouthon, Peter David
2008Structure-function studies of insecticidal atracotoxinsGunning, SJ
1996Structured graphs : a visual formalism for scalable graph based tools & its application to software structured analysisSifer, Mark John
2014Stuckedness : on the organizational art of forbearanceVignehsa, K
2010Student co-generated analogies and their influence on the development of science understandingFogwill, SN
2007Student retention in distance education using on-line communicationTwyford, K
2016Student-generated animations and the teaching and learning of chemistryYaseen, Zeynep
1995Studies in the biology and reproductive characteristics of Pseudomugil signiferHowe, EHI
2013A study into the dissonance in the governance principle of accountability in the Australian Public Service Department of DefenceAblong, AP
2012A study into the earthquake resistance of circular adobe buildingsJinwuth, W
2015Study of blockage effects on scouring pattern downstream of box culvertsSorourian, Sayana