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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Semi-active control of structures using current-controlled MR fluid damperRoyel, SA
2011Semi-analytic methods for modelling photonic woodpilesKan, DJM
2016Semi-supervised and unsupervised extensions to maximum-margin structured predictionAbidi, Syed Shaukat Raza
2018Semidefinite optimization for quantum informationWang, Xin
2017Sensing and human pose estimation in extreme industrial environments for physical human robot interactionReeks, Christian
1999The sequence expression and immunological characterisation of the HT-1 neurotoxin from the Australian paralysis tick Ixodes holocyclusMasina, Slavica
2017Sequential labeling with structural SVM under non-decomposable loss functionsZhang, Guopeng
2009Service-oriented networking architectureYousef, B
2015Shaping textiles : an investigation from two-dimensional surfaces to three-dimensional spatial organisationsMazouer, GaeĢˆlle Ghislaine Georgette
2006She sells seashells by the seashore : a feature film scriptWadley, L
2004Shifting currents : a history of rivers, control and changeLucas, Damian Patrick
2016Shiga toxin encoding bacteriophages and horizontal gene transfer in Escherichia coli O157Sim, Eby Mazini
2014Short and long term performance of concrete structures repaired/strengthened with FRPKabir, MI
2017Short-term spectrum sharing with economic awareness in 5G networksWang, Huiyang
2012Should it stay or should it go? Negotiating value and waste in the divestment of household objectsGlover, AK
2008'Shu-Fei-Shu' : a digital strategy for modernising Chinese calligraphyChuang, Yuan Hsun
2004Silicon spirit : the impact of digital visual effects on storycraft in filmmakingMcClean, ST
2008Singaporeans and their past : the dynamics of historical consciousness and historymakingHo, SL
2013Single and multiple instance learning for visual categorisationDu, R
2007A situational approach and intelligent tool for collaborative requirements elicitationCoulin, CR