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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Therapeutic decision-making around stroke prevention in atrial fibrillationWang, Yishen
2011There's no tellingMordue, MCF
2011Thermal modelling and optimisation of a high temperature blackbody radiatorChahine, K
2011Thinking art post-aesthetically : beyond expression, experience and consciousnessAndrews, IS
2014Thinking outside the box : public service broadcasting, participatory media and local community networks in regional AustraliaDwyer, CM
2010Thiol metabolism in the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortusHudson, AL
2008Thoroughly modern theses : exploring the phenomenon of theses with multiple forms of mediaSomerset, BJ
2015A thousand points of light : a novel, with accompanying exegesis : 'Lacanian psycho : analysing transgressive fiction'Rossiter, Mark John Arthur
2014Three essays on macroeconomics and monetary economicsXiao, X
1994Tick toxinology : isolation and characterisation of the toxin from the Australian paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclusThurn, MJ
1995Ties that bind : the psyche of feminist filmmaking : Sydney, 1969-1989Collins, FJ
2014Time-delay systems : stability, sliding mode control and state estimationNguyen, TD
2016Time-variant graph learning and classificationWang, Haishuai
2012Titanium-salt flocculation and its sludge resource recovery to photocatalyst for advanced water treatmentOkour, Y
2003To what extent is the deep enjoyment of flow experienced in primary classroom learning, and under what teaching and learning conditions might the deep enjoyment of flow be facilitated ?Harley, Joan Mary
2009To what extent is the Japanese government able to steer the nation's economy in the digital age?Lam, CY
1999Today the students, tomorrow the workers! : radical student politics and the Australian labour movement 1960-1972Russell, LA
2009TOMRAS : a Task Oriented Mobile Remote Access System for desktop applicationsKhankan, K
2016Topic-based analysis for technology intelligenceChen, Hongshu
2015Topological shape optimization of microstructures of materials using level set methodsWang, Y