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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Robust online visual trackingHong, Z
2018Robust sensor technologies combined with smart predictive analytics for hostile sewer infrastructuresThiyagarajan, Karthick
2019Robust topology optimization with hybrid uncertainties using level set methodsZheng, Jing
2007Rock'n'roll outlaw : the expression of freedom in cultureClements, LD
2009A role for the P2X₇ receptor in the immune response to Toxoplasma gondiiLees, MP
2012Role of androgens in vascular smooth muscle cell calcificationTsatralis, T
2017Role of binder, permeability-reducing admixtures and cracking in the watertightness of concrete structuresHassani Esgandani, Mohammadreza
2017The role of bioturbators in seagrass blue carbon dynamicsThomson, Alexandra Clare Goudie
2004The role of cue intercorrelations in the judgement of student interestAiyewalehinmi, EO
2017Role of economic diversification in sustainable water management : a socio-hydrological analysisRoobavannan, Mahendran
2016The role of emotional intelligence in the management of large construction projectsLivesey, Peter Vincent
1995The role of imagination in autobiography and transformative learningNelson, Alexander Christopher
2009The role of intron 1 in MDR1 regulation in drug resistant cancer cellsByrne, M
2018The role of knowledge creation process in enhancing organizational resilience and performanceAlharthy, Ali Ahmed M.
2014The role of leadership in an effective IT/Business relationshipSixsmith, AJ
2018The role of liquidity in financial intermediationKhan, Muhammad Saifuddin
2017The role of local recycled water systems for sustainable urban water servicingRecycled water.; Watson, Rachel
2014The role of management control systems in open strategy processesThambar, PJ
2016The role of miR-21 and miR-499 in head and neck cancerAjuyah, Pamela Alero
2014The role of natural organic ligands in transformations of iron chemistry in seawater and their effect on the bioavailability of iron to marine phytoplanktonNorman, L