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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Re-thinking the possibilities of feminist scholarship in the contemporary Australian universityBower, KAB
2007Re-thinking workplace learning : worker subjectivity/ies as sites of alignment and resistanceHarman, K
2009Reading in the margins : EAP reading pedagogies and their critical, postcritical potentialWilson, K
2008Reagents for infrared chemical imaging of fingerprints on difficult surfacesTahtouh, M
2014Real time multi-sensor data acquisition and processing for a road mapping systemLuo, X
2015Real-time analytics for complex structure dataGuo, T
2006Real-time EEG classifier for multiple human actionsSmith, DJ
2011Real-time performance analysis of mobile networks for emerging services in UMTS/HSDPAChen, L
2017Realisation of ubiquity in body area networks for healthcare systemsSzymanski, Jan
2013Reasons for Hong Kong parents sending their children abroad for secondary educationLeung, CKC
2014The rebirth of Rapunzel : a mythic biography of the maiden in the towerForsyth, KEJ
2011Receding visions of pastoral idyll : an ethnographic and photographic study of marginal farming in the MaranoaLorber Kasunic, J
2017Recognising and describing human activities in a still imageZhou, Zheng
2012The reconstruction of masculinity in China, 1896-1930Zhou, L
2017Recovering dense 3D motion and shape information from RGB-D dataWang, Yucheng
2005Recruitment and age dynamics of Anguilla australis and A. reinhardtii glass eels in the estuaries of New South WalesSilberschneider, Veronica
2019Recuperação pós-treinamento em jogadores de futsal de alto rendimento: existem perfis mais rápidos e mais lentos? = Post-training recovery in elite futsal players: are there faster and slower profiles?Wilke, Carolina Franco
2018Redefining the role of p53 wild type function in breast cancerHatoum, Diana Hamze
2019Reducing medication errors by engaging nurses in medication safety researchAlomari, Albara
2007Reduction of perineal trauma and improved perineal comfort during and after childbirth : the Perineal Warm Pack TrialDahlen, Hannah Grace