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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The role of natural organic ligands in transformations of iron chemistry in seawater and their effect on the bioavailability of iron to marine phytoplanktonNorman, L
2018The role of non-protein amino acids in protein folding disordersMain, Brendan James
2014The role of nutrients in cyanobacterial blooms in a shallow reservoirMueller, S
2012The role of oxidative, inflammatory and neuroendocrinological systems during exercise stress in athletesSlattery, KM
2014The role of small molecule signalling in biofilm migration of Pseudomonas aeruginosaNolan, LM
2005The role of the first language in second language learning for adult learners : a Vygotskian perspectiveLeung, KK
2011The role of the FtsA protein in Bacillus subtilis cell divisionDa Silva Santos, JM
2007The role of the osteoclast during endochondral ossification in a rat fracture modelMcDonald, MM
2011The role of the P2X7 receptor in the intestinal inflammatory response to the parasite, Toxoplasma gondiiZakrzewski, AM
2008The role of the principal in relation to the successful integration of computer based learning (CBL) in schoolsWijesekera, DA
2014The role of trait emotional intelligence in adaptation and achievement during the transition to universityPerera, HN
2013The role of zooplankton in cyanobacteria bloom development in Australian reservoirsHong, Y
2017The roles and use of prospective knowledge practices in sustainability-related transitions : a realist evaluation and pragmatist synthesisMcGrail, Stephen Daniel
2008Roles of electronic texts in research projects in the humanitiesSukovic, S
2012The roles played by unions in the provision of continuing education in the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionWong, CM
2016Rule mining on microRNA expression profiles for human disease understandingSong, Renhua
2008Ruthenium phthalocyanine complexes : synethsis, properties and applicationsRawling, T
2016Saudi culture and the potential introduction of digital design techniques : influences and interactionsQattan, Wajdy Sadagh A.
2013Saving neoliberalism : Rudd Labor's response to the 2008 global economic crisisParker, JKM
2014Scaffolding human-centred innovation through design artefactsWechsler, J