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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Transformative learning and frontline teaching in NSW technical and further education since Myer-Kangan : an adult educator's accountBee, BA
2013Transglossic language practices : young adults transgressing language and identity in BangladeshSultana, S
2013The transition from static to dynamic web designScaife-Elliott, L
2018Translating Arabic as low resource language using distribution representation and neural machine translation modelsAlmansor, Ebtesam Hussain
2013Translocated making in experimental collaborative design projectsHall, A
2014Transmission of nutrient in urban environmentAra, J
2009Treating the emperors in the Qing Palace : the tension between the Manchu rulers' public power and private frailtyFlowers, J
2012Treatment of organic contaminants from water using an integrated sorption-oxidation systemHossain, SMG
2005Tree model guided (TMG) enumeration as the basis for mining frequent patterns from XML documentsSetiawan, HT
2016Tree rule firewallChomsiri, Thawatchai
2014Tree similarity measure-based recommender systemsWu, D
2013Trends in digital library research : a knowledge mapping and ontology engineering approachNguyen, SH
2019Tricked into truth : why we fight and Frank Capra's movements of the mindSowada, Richard Valentin
2011Trip down memory lane : revisiting red classics as television drama in post - Mao ChinaGong, Q
2012Trogocytosis in multiple myelomaKabani, K
2010Trophic dynamics in Australian seagrass beds : unravelling linkages from nutrients to fishYork, PH
2014Tropical fish recruitment success varies among temperate reef habitats, potentially impacting their range expansionBeck, HJ
2008A trust-aware framework for service selection and service quality review in e-business ecosystemsSchmidt, S
2016Trustee companies : their role in Australian philanthropyCham, Elizabeth
2005Tuning optical properties in random arrays of plasmon resonant nanoparticlesSchelm, S