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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A study on automated handwriting understandingAdak, Chandranath
2014A study on the behaviour of guided wave propagation in utility timber polesSubhani, MM
2018Study on vacuum desalination of seawater and feasibility of solar as the energy sourceRossy, Miraz Hafiz
2018Subgradient and duality methods for optimal stochastic control with applications to real options valuationYee, Jeremy Wei Xian
2019Subject-independent ERP-based brain-computer interface using adaptive and ensemble learningVo, Anh Kha
2018Submerged-membrane distillation and crystallization : seawater reverse osmosis brine treatment and resource recoveryChoi, Youngkwon
2009Successful transition to mobile government (m-government) : an adaptive frameworkAl-Khamayseh, SAT
2011Suffering flesh spectacular bodies : connecting costume and cinema through an analysis of symbolism, myth and ritualFanning, L
2016Summarizing data with representative patternsLiu, Chunyang
2012Supervised linear dimension reductionBian, W
2006Support services for adolescents and young adults with cancer or a blood disorder : measurement properties and validation of quality of life instruments for adolescents and young adults with cancer or a blood disorderEwing, JE
2006Supporting quality of service for internet applicationsPhan, HT
2015Supporting the complexity of managing information technology projects : application of living systems theoryMir, S
2006Supportive methodology and technology for creating interactive artTurner, GA
2019Suppression and activation of lipid signalling in cancer : tumour suppressor PTEN and oncogenic sphingosine kinaseHaddadi, Nahal
2018Surface conjugation of upconversion nanoparticles via supramolecular host-guest self-assemblySun, Yulong
2015Surface-type classification in structured planar environments under various illumination and imaging conditionsTo, AWK
2010Surgical aspects, finite element analysis and x-ray correlation of femoral neck changes in the osteoarthritic hip after hip resurfacing surgeryKohan, L
2015Sustainability and the material imagination in Australian cultural organisationsLeimbach, T
1994Sustainable ecological and recreational management of sandy beach systemsSinclair-Hannocks, Sharyn Anne