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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Tacit knowledge externalization among geographically distributed small groupsEl-Den, JA
2006Tagged : a case study in documentary ethicsDonovan, KE
2014Tai Chi and stress : a randomised controlled trial and Chinese medicine pattern diagnosticsZheng, S
2011Takeover gains and the recognition of identifiable intangible assetsSu, W
2017The tale of two taxes : a study of mineral and petroleum resource taxation in AustraliaMorrison, Kevin Christopher Gerard
2019The talent selection and career progression of professional Australian football playersSullivan, Courtney Jayne
2019Tall building design exploration : designing for wind resilienceKhallaf, Mohamed Ibrahim Amin
2012Tangram treemaps : an enclosure geometrical partitioning method with various shapesLiang, J
2019Tapping into foreign markets : internationalisation of the craft beer industry from small open economiesJasovska, Pavlina
2018Targeting cellurlar dysfunction with green tea polyphenols to treat the underlying basis of the metabolic complications of obesityLao, Weiguo (William)
2013Task allocation and motion coordination of multiple autonomous vehicles - with application in automated container terminalsKulatunga, AK
2015Teacher cognition of experienced Taiwanese university teachers of EnglishChan, KS
2010Teaching and learning to program : a qualitative study of Hong Kong sub-degree studentsCheng, WFJ
2008Teaching citizenship : the primary teachers' view from two districts of Hong KongLeung Ling, TW
2005Teaching EFL in Thailand : a bilingual studyForman, R
2015Teaching english literature to english as a second language learnersPanyasi, S
2018Teaching English pronunciation at university level in VietnamPhuong, Thi Thanh Huyen
2010Teaching for creativity : a study in reflective practiceMcCarty, C
2014Teaching Hebrew as an additional language : a classroom-based case studyWisel-Gilead, Y
2006Technologies transforming academics : academic identity and online teachingMcShane, KF