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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A joint analysis of gross primary production and evapotranspiration of Australia using eddy covariance, remote sensing and land surface modelling approachesShi, Hao
2008Joy : original feature screenplay ; and, Where do butterflies go when it rains? : on ordinary artists and everyday displacementsGleeson, VN
2008Judgements during information seeking : policy and research workers' assessments of enough informationBerryman, JM
2012Just getting light, a novel, and The railway librarian, an exegesisHay, A
2018Justice pedagogy : the possibilities and challenges for 'thick' citizenship education amongst Australian school studentsHeggart, Keith
2008Ka band propagation experiments on the Australian low earth orbit microsatellite 'FedSat'Kostulski, T
2019Key technologies for advanced cellular base station antennasSun, Haihan
2019Kleider machen Leute : Jewish men and dress politics in Vienna, 1890-1930Kaplan, Jonathan Chaim
2016The knight is darkest before the dawn : Batman, the United States and post-9/11 gothicComerford, Christopher Michael
2018Knowledge creation and knowledge flow within Ghana's Kente industry : a social capital perspectiveBoateng, Henry
2014'Knowledge is power' : Aboriginal Healthworkers' perspectives on their practice, education and communitiesRose, M
1999Knowledge management for SMEs with particular emphasis on the tourism industryMannington, Michael
2007Knowledge networking within complex business systemsScicluna, Martin M.
2006A knowledge-based strategic theory framework for knowledge management : knowledge creation and transfer in businessesDuncan, GW
2006Kolokol : spectres of the Russian bellKaminski, JD
2014Korean jogiyuhaksaeng's early study abroad and bilingual development in AustraliaLee, BJ
2007L'€Doumenc, J
2003Labour movement views of post school education, training reform and economic restructuring in Australia between 1982 and 1995Brown, AJ
2015Landscapes and the machine : addressing wicked valuation problems when north, south, east and west meetMcDermott, Michael Dermot
2002Language and power in nonprofit/for-profit relationships : a grounded theory of inter-sectoral collaborationMcQueen, Meryl