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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Macroinvertebrate composition of the upper Georges River with reference to urban, industrial and agricultural impactsJarvis, DG
2000Macromolecular organic Bayer process poisonsSmeulders, DE
2018Magnetic properties measurement of new magnetic material : SOMALOY 700 (5P)Asari, Ashraf Rohanim Binti
2006Maintaining equilibrium : altering maternal perceptions of mothering in the NICU [Neonatal Intensive Care Unit]Psaila, K
2014Maintaining the principle of open justice : privacy and the open court ruleVatandoust, RC
2017Maintenance practices - improving sustainability performance of existing office buildings : an Australian case studyNguyen, Dinh Manh
2012Making better choices — an investigation of collaborative stakeholder dialogue as catalyst for consensus building and learning in the transport policy processBaumann, C
2012Making gastrointestinal endoscopy saferRamrakha, SCD
2006Making it local : contextuating programming on commercial free-to-air television in AustraliaNixon, M
2003Making meaning through history : scaffolding students' conceptual understanding through dialogueSharpe, Martina Elizabeth
1998"Making something for myself" : women, quilts, culture and feminismGrahame, EJ
2013Making things louder : amplified music and multimodalityMulder, J
2002Management control in international joint ventures as self organising systemsDjajadikerta, GH
2018Managerial roles in building dynamic capabilities : an exploratory study of information and communication technology (ICT) companies in BangladeshSajib, Shahriar
2018Managing CoDesign in dynamic alliance networksAli, Abdussalam Mohammed
2019Managing commercial relationships between indigenous business and large purchasing organisations : changing the play and the rules of the gameJarrett, Dean Clancy
2015Managing cooperation control problems in inter-organisational research and development exchangesSutton, NC
2013Managing event places and viewer spaces : security, surveillance and stakeholder interests at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South AfricaEisenhauer, SI
2010Managing mobility in practice : empirical studies of the everyday practices and technology use of film and television freelancersSadler, K
2019Managing privacy in photos and videos in social media applicationsMadhisetty, Srinivas Rao