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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Odour profiling of blood training aids for blood-detection dogs using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC)Rust, LaTara
2007OJS in an HourOjs, T
2012On site remediation of micropollutants from stormwater for reuseMohammed, TMA
2017On the face of it : CCTV images, recognition evidence and criminal prosecutions in New South WalesGibson, Althea Jane
2012On the farm : an online virtual farmyard for pre-school and primary school childrenLan, Y
2018On the thermal stability of ligand-stabilised gold nanoparticlesKing, Shirin Rose
2008Onan the illiterate, or the revenge of the aesthetic (philosophy as art and the artist philosopher)Dirle, S
2014Online access to legal information and the challenge to the legal concept of authorityJohns, FB
2008Online Islamic identity and community in Australia and three neighbouring countriesBahfen, NY
2001Only rape! : an examination of the power of ideology and discourse in the policy process with a focus on policy pertaining to refugee womenPittaway, E
2008An ontological framework for contextualising information in hypermedia systemsBucknell, AJ
2011Ontology-oriented e-government service integration utilising the semantic webSanati, F
2018Opening open innovation : a multi-theoretical perspective on intermediaries in online community-based innovationRandhawa, Krithika
2010Opening the black box of guideline implementation : primary health care nurses' use of a guideline for cardiovascular riskMcKillop, AM
2008Operational risk management (ORM) systems : an Australian studyPitinanondha, T
2014Operations-based knowledge management (OBKM) in aircraft engineeringZawawi, RA
2013Opportunistic cooperative retransmission enhancements for the IEEE 802.11 wireless MACHagelstein, B
2010Optical properties of metallic systemsBlaber, MG
2008Optical properties of transition-metal-doped GaN and ZnO for spintronics applicationsMalguth, E
2010Optically-selective window coatings of precious metal nanoparticlesStokes, NL