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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019‘The Saints belong to everyone’: liminality, belief and practices in rural north IndiaKumar, Mukesh
2016Saudi culture and the potential introduction of digital design techniques : influences and interactionsQattan, Wajdy Sadagh A.
2013Saving neoliberalism : Rudd Labor's response to the 2008 global economic crisisParker, JKM
2014Scaffolding human-centred innovation through design artefactsWechsler, J
2006Scalable and cost-effective framework for continuous media-on-demandNguyen, DNC
2018Scalable factorization model to discover implicit and explicit similarities across domainsDo, Duc Minh Quan
2018Scalable MAC protocol for D2D communication for future 5G networksIsmaiel, Bushra
2019Scalable processing methods for host-based intrusion detection systemsLiu, Ming
2018Scale estimation for monocular SLAM using depth from defocusShiozaki, Tomoyuki
2016Scheduling tasks with preemptions and precedence constraints on identical parallel machines to minimise the maximum latenessWalker, Samuel James
2012A school peer mediation program as a context for exploring therapeutic jurisprudence : can a peer mediation program inform the law?McWilliam, NJ
1998School-museum integrated learning experiences in science : a learning journeyGriffin, Janette Margaret
2009Screened Australianness : representations of Australian national identity and national character in Australian-made cinema, 1945 into the 21st centuryHarbus, MGK
2010Screenfaction : supporting creative remote communication in film scoringPhalip, J
2010Screenplay : in the voodoo parlour of Marie Laveau adaptation of the play "In the voodoo parlour of Marie Laveau" by Frank GaglianoBeato-Lanz, MC
2019Scripting for screen and spaceBrack, Renée
2016The seagrass rhizosphereBrodersen, Kasper Elgetti
2018A search and retrieval based approach to music score metadata analysisGabriel, Jamie
2017Searchable symmetric encryption : attacks, constructions, and extensionsLiu, Chang
2014Searching for potential markers for monitoring the presence of opiates in urine exposed to oxidising adulterantsLuong, S