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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Tacit knowledge externalization among geographically distributed small groupsEl-Den, JA
2006Tagged : a case study in documentary ethicsDonovan, KE
2014Tai Chi and stress : a randomised controlled trial and Chinese medicine pattern diagnosticsZheng, S
2011Takeover gains and the recognition of identifiable intangible assetsSu, W
2017The tale of two taxes : a study of mineral and petroleum resource taxation in AustraliaMorrison, Kevin Christopher Gerard
2012Tangram treemaps : an enclosure geometrical partitioning method with various shapesLiang, J
2018Targeting cellurlar dysfunction with green tea polyphenols to treat the underlying basis of the metabolic complications of obesityLao, Weiguo (William)
2013Task allocation and motion coordination of multiple autonomous vehicles - with application in automated container terminalsKulatunga, AK
2015Teacher cognition of experienced Taiwanese university teachers of EnglishChan, KS
2010Teaching and learning to program : a qualitative study of Hong Kong sub-degree studentsCheng, WFJ
2008Teaching citizenship : the primary teachers' view from two districts of Hong KongLeung Ling, TW
2005Teaching EFL in Thailand : a bilingual studyForman, R
2015Teaching english literature to english as a second language learnersPanyasi, S
2018Teaching English pronunciation at university level in VietnamPhuong, Thi Thanh Huyen
2010Teaching for creativity : a study in reflective practiceMcCarty, C
2014Teaching Hebrew as an additional language : a classroom-based case studyWisel-Gilead, Y
2006Technologies transforming academics : academic identity and online teachingMcShane, KF
2014Tele-improvisation : a multimodal analysis of intercultural improvisation in networked music performanceMills, RH
1998Telecommuting : current status, future directionFeather, Robyn Elizabeth
2018Testing the effectiveness of a Practice Development intervention as an enabler of allied health leadership developmentBradd, Patricia Anne