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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009"You'll never walk alone" : the use of brand equity frameworks to explore the team identification of the 'satellite supporter'Kerr, AK
2006Young people and chronic illness : a more responsive healthcare worldRosina, Robyn
2005Young, competent internet-users : a theory-based profileYoung, Kirsty Ann
2013Zero-waste fashion design : a study at the intersection of cloth, fashion design and pattern cuttingRissanen, TI
2007ZINC : perspectives of identity in Asian-Australian literatureBakar, M
2012Zinc oxide : new insights into a material for all agesMoezzi, A
2016Zinc oxide nanophotonics : toward quantum photonic technologiesChoi, Sumin
2005中国云南两个少数民族村落影像民俗志--民俗文化在传播中的意义蜕变 = Transformation of the meaning of folk culture in the process of communication : a case study of folk customs in two ethnic villages in Yunnan, ChinaXiong, S
2009中国云南省参与大湄公河次区域经济合作研究 = China's Yunnan province and the Greater Mekong Sub-region economic cooperationWang, Jin
2009中国云南非政府组织发展的政治环境研究 = The political environment for NGO development in Yunnan, ChinaLu, Y
2008中国入世的司法审查承诺及其行政诉讼法律制度改革 = Reform of China's judicial review system under the WTO regimeHou, S
2014中国农村贫困线的构成维度研究 = A study on the constructive dimension of rural Chinese poverty lineWang, R
2009中国厚街会展业发展模式研究——政府、行业与企业的互动共赢 = A study on the development model of the exhibition industry at Houjie, China : mutually beneficial interactions between government, professional association and enterprisesChen, Z
2008中国古代私有财产权的法律文化研究 = Research on the legal culture of private property in pre-modern ChinaLiu, Pifeng
2007中国吕梁山区贫困问题研究 = A study of poverty issues in the mountainou areas of Luliang, ChinaGuo, Hailiang
2009中国宁波节庆产业研究——以中国宁波国际服装节为例 = A study on the festival industry in Ningbo, China : with a case study of the Ningbo international fashion festivalChen, Y
2010中国小留学生在澳大利亚留学状况研究 : 以悉尼为例 = An empirical study of Sydney-based Chinese non-adult migrant studentsMa, W
2013中国当代农村贫困大学毕业生就业难的前因后果 - 以广东地区为例 = The causes and consequences of difficulties for the college graduates of the rural poor to obtain employment in contemporary China : the case of Guangdong provinceLi, M
2007中国校园学生伤害的法律研究 = A study on the law relating to student injuries on campuses in ChinaLiu, X
2009中国海南企业失败案例研究 = A study on the cases of failed enterprises in China's Hainan ProvinceWang, S