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2007Connecting place, people and animals : an historical study of environmental and cultural change in the Snowy Mountains landscapeSearby, RE
2009Engaging casually employed teachers in collaborative curriculum and professional development : change through an action research enquiry in a higher education 'pathways' institutionSalmona, M
2009The business of values and value of business : the role of organisational values in the recruitment and selection of nonprofit community service managers and executivesGreen, JM
2006Making it local : contextuating programming on commercial free-to-air television in AustraliaNixon, M
2006Plagiarism or intertexuality? : a study of the politics of knowledge, identity and textual ownership in undergraduate student writingThompson, CH
2009Sustainable tourism development and rural community values in Australia's forest regionsSchweinsberg, SC
2008The multi-attribute elimination by aspects (MEBA) modelPihlens, DA
2005Statistical analysis of the diagnostic accuracy of morphological features in the cytological diagnosis of proliferative breast lesions : fine needle aspiration compared to histological diagnosisMak, ACF
2007A comparison of decision-making by “expert” and “novice” nurses in the clinical setting, monitoring patient haemodynamic status post Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm surgeryHoffman, K
2005Workforce to profession : an exploration of New Zealand Midwifery's professionalising strategies from 1986 to 2005Pairman, S
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