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2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre Case Study - How design can benefit industry - One ThirdCreative Industries Innovation Centre; Designs in Timber; One Third
2015-04-08How to Run a Better Creative BusinessBecher Townshend (Managing Director, Font PR); Kate Owen (Designer & Director, Futago); David Schloeffel (Business Adviser, Creative Industries Innovation Centre); Dan Zika (Studio & Design Manager, Futago),
2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre Case Study - Soap CreativeCreative Industries Innovation Centre; Soap Creative; Barbara Messer
2015-04-08Global Media Ideas - Infinite Pathways to Creative SuccessTim Chang (Partner, Norwest Venture Partners); Chris Tanner (CEO & Chief Architect, GET IT (Previously Emdigo)); Dr. Vesna Petresin-Robert (Co-Founder, Rubedo); Andy Elwood (Director Business Development, Gowalla); Sey Min (Interactive Designer & Founder,; John Tarnoff (CEO, Newspeak Consulting Group)
2015-04-08Top tips for new creative business - short versionBrian Sheedy; Eddie Zammit (Founder, T-World); Tom Crago (CEO, Tantalus Media Pty Ltd); Brad Giblin (Digital Media Manager, Film Victoria); Simon Mundy (Graphic Designer, Peptolab); Simon Goodrich (Managing Director, Portable Content)
2015-04-08Success Story - Eskimo DesignEnterprise Connect; Natasha Hasemar & Zoe Pollitt (Eskimo Design)
2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre Case Study - LuceluxCreative Industries Innovation Centre; Rohan Nicol (Lucelux); Ewan McEoin
2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre Case Study - Media on MarsCreative Industries Innovation Centre; Kammi Rapsey (Founder, Media on Mars)
2015-04-08Success Story - AT&M Integrated MarketingEnterprise Connect; AT&M Integrated Marketing
2015-04-08Success Story - Bearcage ProductionsEnterprise Connect; Bearcage Productions
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