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2015-04-08Natalia Nikolova (2011), Analysis of creative industries clients? and business advisers? perceptions of the value of the Business Review Process, Creative Industries Innovation Centre, SydneyNatalia Nikolova; Tyrone Pitsis; Stewart Clegg; Sonja Vogeler
2015-04-08Lisa Colley (2013), Submission regarding the City of Sydney Cultural Policy Discussion paper, Creative Industries Innovation Centre, May 31, SydneyCreative Industries Innovation Centre
2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre John Howkins - Creative Innovation Series Event Overview PackCreative Industries Innovation Centre
2015-04-08Lisa Colley (2013), Submission regarding ABS Discussion Paper, Cultural & Creative Activity Satellite Accounts, Creative Industries Innovation Centre, August 29, SydneyCreative Industries Innovation Centre Industries Innovation Centre, University of Technology Sydney; Nsw, T
2015-04-08What do you actually do for a living?Creative Industries Innovation Centre
2015-04-08Lisa Colley (2014), The creative economy: idea, evidence, debate, Paper presented at CCI in Retrospect and Prospect symposium, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI), April 1, Queensland University of Technology, BrisbaneLisa Colley; Director Creative Industries Innovation Centre
2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre (2013), Submission regarding the NSW Creative Industries Industry Action Plan, Creative Industries Innovation Centre, April 2, SydneyCreative Industries Innovation Centre
2015-04-08Lisa Colley (2014), Tipping the Point, Panel presentation and discussion for UTSpeaks, hosted by Hael Kobayashi, April 9, University of Technology, SydneyHael Kobayashi (Executive Director, University of Technology, Sydney, Creative Intelligence Unit); Lisa Colley (Director Creative Industries Innovation Centre); Jessica Frawley (Researcher at University of Technology, Sydney, Centre for Human Centred Technology and Design & PhD Candidate University of Technology, Sydney School of IT); Bem Le Hunte (Director of University of Technology, Sydney, Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation)
2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre (n.d.), Online Business Resources, Document reference: V10-1Enterprise Connect; Creative Industries Innovation Centre
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