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2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre Media Report 1 July - 30 September 2013Creative Industries Innovation Centre
2015-04-08Centre for International Economics (2009), Creative Industries Economics Analysis Final Report, prepared for Enterprise Connect and the Creative Industries Innovation Centre, 30 June, CanberraCentre for International Economics; Creative Industries Innovation Centre
2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre (2013), Fashion Design Forensic Report, Creative Industries Innovation Centre, Australian Government, SydneyCreative Industries Innovation Centre
2015-04-08How to Run a Better Creative BusinessBecher Townshend (Managing Director, Font PR); Kate Owen (Designer & Director, Futago); David Schloeffel (Business Adviser, Creative Industries Innovation Centre); Dan Zika (Studio & Design Manager, Futago),
-New Norcia landscape-
2015-04-08Designer - Maker - InnovatorCampbell Gower (Chief book & bottle washer, phil&teds); Peter Freedman (Managing Director, President RODE Microphones & Event Electronics); Shelley Logan (Inventium); Alexander Lotersztain (Derlot); Peter Haythornthwaite (Equip Design Integration Consultants); Craig Mounsey (CMD); Nathan Baird (Clear Platform); Andrew Murrowood (Chalmers Ltd); Sam Bucolo (Queensland University of Technology, School of Design); Nicki Lloyd (Lloyd Grey Design); Mark Armstrong (Blue Sky Design Group); Roger Simpson (Design Synergy)
-Bigcity Design study booth-
2015-04-08UTSpeaks - Tipping the Point - Must our professions and industries embrace the new ways _ the new learning, the new thinking, the new doing?Hael Kobayashi (Executive Director, University of Technology, Sydney, Creative Intelligence Unit); Lisa Colley (Director, Creative Industries Innovation Centre); Jessica Frawley (Researcher at University of Technology, Sydney, Centre for Human Centred Technology and Design & PhD Candidate University of Technology, Sydney School of IT); Bem Le Hunte (Director of University of Technology, Sydney, Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation).
-Lights of Christmas-
2015-04-08Creative Industries Innovation Centre Media Report 1 January - 31 March 2013Creative Industries Innovation Centre
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