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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1981Self and Peer Marking in an Undergraduate Engineering CourseBoud, DJ; Holmes, WH
Jan-1990Feminist Fiction: Feminist Uses of Generic FictionCranny-Francis, A
Jan-1992Engendered Fiction: Analysing Gender in the Production and Reception of TextsCranny-Francis, A
Jan-1993Characterization Of The Type-I Dehydroquinase From Salmonella-TyphiMoore, J; Hawkins, A; Charles, IG; Deka, R; Coggins, J; Cooper, A; Kelly, S; Price, N
1-Jan-1993IntroductionShepherd, GJ; Chadwick, SA
Jan-1994Popular CultureCranny-Francis, A
Jan-1994CSCW for Film and Television Pre-ProductionGidney, E; Chandler, A; McFarlane, G
Jan-1995The Body in the TextCranny-Francis, A
Jan-1995'Assimilation Begins in the Home': the State and Aboriginal Women's Work as Mothers in New South Wales, 1900s to 1960sGoodall, H
Jan-1997Queering new groundSpongberg, M
1-Jan-1997Mother knows best? Bridging feminism's generation gapSpongberg, M
Jan-1999From gender equality to gender difference: feminist campaigns for quotas for women in politics, 1936-1947Edwards, LP
Jan-1999Body Politics in Korea Focussed on Virginity IdeologyJung, K; Park, DS; Suh, CS
Jan-1999Touch, Digital Communication and the TicklishVasseleu, C
Jan-1999Children's Literature Advancing AustraliaJohnston, RR
Jan-1999Transdisciplinarity: A new Paradigm in a Climate of Educational ChangeJohnston, RR; Schuck, S; Brady, L; Deer, CE; Segal, G
1-Jan-1999Reimagining the Chinese nation: The "zeng guofan phenomenon"Guo, Y; He, B
1-Jan-1999Repatriation homes: Matraville Garden village for disabled soldiers and war widowsAshton, P
1-Jan-1999Formalizing organizational meaningIedema, R
1-Dec-1999Seeking lost codes in the wilderness: The search for a Hainanese cultureChongyi, F