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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Career change student teachers: lessons learnt from their in-school experiencesVaradharajan M; Carter D; Buchanan J; Schuck S
2018-08-18Scoping Study Report for the Designing & Evaluating Innovative Mobile Pedagogies (DEIMP) Erasmus ProjectKearney M; Burden K; Schuck S
2017-07-29Toward Transversal Cosmopolitanism: Understanding Alternative Praxes in the Global Field of Transformative MovementsHosseini, SAH; Gills, BK; Goodman, J
2018-12-15Scholarly Communication Practices in Humanities and Social Sciences: A Study of Researchers’ Attitudes and Awareness of Open AccessNarayan, B; Luca, E; Tiffen, B; England, A; Booth, M; Boateng, H
2017-11-01Theorizing alternatives to capital: Towards a critical cosmopolitanist framework<sup>1</sup>Gills, BK; Goodman, J; Hosseini, SAH
2017-12-18Issues and challenges in researchers’ adoption of open access and institutional repositories: a contextual study of a university repositoryNarayan, B; Luca, E
2018-10-09Scholarly communication practices in humanities and social sciences: a study of researchers’ attitudes and awareness of open accessNarayan, B; Luca, E; Boateng, H; Tiffen, B; England, A; Booth, M
2003-01Merging Tibetan Culture into the Chinese Economic Fast LaneCooke, SB
2001-10-01Tale of two institutions: Exploring collaboration in research partnershipsSolomon, N; Boud, D; Leontios, M; Staron, M
2001-01Researchers are learners too: colloboration in research on workplace learningBoud, DJ; Solomon, N; Leontios, M; Staron, M
2006-01The emergence of productive reflectionCressey, P; Boud, DJ; Docherty, P; Boud, D; Cressey, P; Docherty, P
2003-12-01“I don’t think I am a learner”: Acts of naming learners at workBoud, D; Solomon, N
2003-01Everyday learning at work: communities of practice in TAFELeontios, M; Rooney, DL; Boud, DJ; Harman, K; AVETRA
2005-11-10Creating the space for reflection at workBoud, D
2003-09-01Learning from others at work: Communities of practice and informal learningBoud, D; Middleton, H
2006-01Creating the space for reflection at workBoud, DJ; Boud, D; Cressey, P; Docherty, P
2005-01Work and learning: some challenges for practiceBoud, DJ; Poikela, E
2007-01ICT and learning: Lessons from Australian classroomsHayes, D
2002-01Effectiveness, difference and sociological researchYates, LS
2003-01Leading technologies: a mid-term analysis of a longitudinal study into the integration of learning technologies in NSW public schoolsHayes, D; Jeffrey, P