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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Knowledge dynamics in communities of practicePerrott, B; Beaumont, N
Jan-2002The knowledge economy, knowledge-based business and knowledge management: examining the business models of the new economyClarke, T; Timbrell, G
16-Dec-2013Knowledge Flows in Health Communities of PracticePerrott, BE
Jan-2006Knowledge integration in organizations: an empirical assessmentKenney, JL; Gudergan, S
Jan-2007Knowledge Management from an Industry PerspectivePerrott, B; Radnor, Z; Thomas, H; Cartwright, S
Jan-2008Knowledge management from an industry perspective: Findings from an industry studyPerrott, B
Jan-2005Knowledge management or management of knowledge? Why people interested in knowledge management need to consider Foucault and the construct of powerGordon, RD; Grant, D
Jan-2007Knowledge management systems in multinational corporations : Typology and transitional dynamicsNielsen, BB; Michailova, S
1-Feb-2015Knowledge Management to Learning Organization to Innovation: An Examination of Consumers’ Consideration SetsHermens, H; Hermens, A; Soliman, F
Jan-2002Knowledge management: Philosophy, process, and pitfallsSoo, C; Devinney, TM; Midgley, D; Deering, A
1-Sep-2010Knowledge production in consulting teamsReihlen, M; Nikolova, N
1-Sep-2011Knowledge sharing in a dispersed network of HR practice: Zooming in on power/knowledge strugglesHeizmann, H
Jan-2008Knowledge Sharing in International NGOsHeizmann, H
3-Jul-2006The knowledge-creating role of the internet in international business: Evidence from vietnamNguyen, TD; Barrett, NJ
Jan-2010A Knowledge: Learning-Based Perspective on Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational EnterprisePitelis, C; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
Jan-2012Korean immigrant entrepreneurs in the Sydney Restaurant IndustryCollins, J
2014Korean Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the Sydney Restaurant IndustryCollins, JH; Shin, J
2-Oct-2017Kwementyaye (Charles) Perkins: Indigenous Soccer Player and Australian Political ActivistAdair, D; Stronach, M; Nauright, J; Wiggins, D
3-May-2014Kwementyaye (Charles) Perkins: Indigenous soccer player and Australian political activistAdair, D; Stronach, M
Jan-2012De l'identification au discours identitaire vers l'engagement et la résistance : un modèle intégratifJosserand, EL; Gagne, JF