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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2012Sustainable operator assignment in an assembly line using genetic algorithmZaman, T; Paul, SK; Azeem, A
22-Apr-2013Sustainable sequencing of N jobs on one machine: A fuzzy approachPaul, SK
1-Jan-2013Sustainable supply chain management through compliance of stakeholders' requirements: A study on ready-made garment (RMG) industry of BangladeshChowdhury, MMH; Dewan, MNA; Quaddus, MA
Jan-2010Sustainable tourism planningDwyer, L; Edwards, DC; Liburd, JJ; Edwards, D
Jan-2001Sustainable Value Propositions: The Role of Market Orientation and Marketing InnovationGudergan, S; Low, D; Chetty, S; Collins, B
8-Aug-2019Sustaining commercial viability and community benefits: management and leverage of a sport-for-development eventSchulenkorf, N; Giannoulakis, C; Blom, L
19-Dec-2012Sustaining modified behaviours learnt in a diabetes prevention program in regional Australia: The role of social contextWalker, C; Hernan, A; Reddy, P; Dunbar, JA
Jan-2012Sustaining quality in health service delivery: strategies for reducing health service failurePerrott, B; Oakley, JL
Jan-2006Sweet charity and filthy lucre: the social construction of nonprofit business venturing in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United StatesDalton, BM; Casey, JP; Green, J; Basu, PK; O¿Neill, G; Travaglione, A
Jan-2011Sydney 2000: Moving from Post-Hoc Legacy to Strategic Vision and Operational PartnershipsDarcy, SA; Appleby, L; Legg, D; Gilbert, K
Jan-2009The Sydney Cronulla beach riots: The contexts and contradictions of the racialization of young peopleCollins, J; Reid, C; Hier, AP; Lett, D; Bolaria, BS
14-Jun-2010The Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program: A community-based translational studyColagiuri, S; Vita, P; Cardona-Morrell, M; Singh, MF; Farrell, L; Milat, A; Haas, M; Bauman, A
Jan-2013Sydney for AllDarcy, SA; Cooper, I
Jan-2011Sydney Olympic Park 2000 to 2010: History and LegacyCashman, R
Jan-2002The Sydney organising committee for the olympic games (SOCOG) event leadership training course - an effectiveness evaluationTzelepi, M; Quick, SP
7-Feb-2018The Sydney School of Entrepreneurship: Building entrepreneurial capacity in NSWKaye, N; Schweitzer, J; Bliemel, MJ; Miles, M
Jun-2014The Sydney Scoreboard: A global index for women in sport leadershipAdriaanse, JA
Jan-2009Sydney's Cronulla riots: The context and implicationsCollins, J; Noble, G
Jan-2009Sydney: Beyond iconicityHayllar, BR; Griffin, T; Maitland, R; Newman, P
1-Jan-2012Symbols of ethnicity in a multi-ethnic precinct marketing perth’s northbridge for cultural consumption1Jordan, K; Collins, J