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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005That Courage is not Inconsistent with Caution: Currency Hedging for Superannuation FundsThorp, SJ
Jan-2002The development of trust in employees: a comparative study of managers in collective enterprises, joint ventures and private enterprises in ChinaWang, KY; Renforth, W
2014The Governance of Corporate Sustainability: Empirical Insights into the Development, Leadership and Implementation of Responsible Business StrategyKlettner, A; Clarke, T; Boersma, M
1-Jan-2006The knowledge-creating role of the Internet in international business: Evidence from VietnamNguyen, TD; Barrett, NJ
6-Sep-2007The use of chiropractors by older adults in the United StatesWolinsky, FD; Liu, L; Miller, TR; Geweke, JF; Cook, EA; Greene, BR; Wright, KB; Chrischilles, EA; Pavlik, CE; An, H; Ohsfeldt, RL; Richardson, KK; Rosenthal, GE; Wallace, RB
Jan-2012Theoretical approaches and practical strategies for change managementMcGraw, P; Taylor, TL; Lock, D; Robinson, L; Chelladurai, P; Bodet, G; Downward, P
2014A Theoretical Model of Social ImpactOnyx, JA
Jan-2009A theoretical study of size and temperature dependent morphology transformations in gold nanoparticlesFeigl, CA; Grochola, G; Opletal, G; Snook, IK; Russo, S
Jan-2003Theorizing 'Globalization' Sociologically for ManagementClegg, SR
1-Dec-2012The Theory and Practice of Utopia in a Total Institution: The Pineapple PanopticonClegg, S; e Cunha, MP; Rego, A
2-Feb-2014Theory Development of How Student Entrepreneurs Think, Learn and Work: Uncovering Deep Insights into the Cognitive Processes of Student Entrepreneur Lived Experiences to Develop a Cue Inventory of Student EntrepreneurshipMarchand, JM; Sood, SS
23-Jul-2003Theory verses empiricism in health economics: An analysis of the past 20 yearsBridges, JFP; Haywood, P
Jan-2005Theory-driven Choice ModelsErdem, T; Srinivasan, K; Amaldoss, W; Bajari, P; Che, H; Ho, T; Hutchinson, WG; Katz, M; Keane, M; Meyer, RJ; Reiss, P
9-Feb-2006Thermodynamic analysis and thermodynamic efficiency of chemical reactorsTsirlin, AM; Kazakov, V; Kan, NM; Trushkov, VV
7-Oct-2006Thermodynamic constraints on temperature distribution in a stationary system with heat engine or refrigeratorTsirlin, AM; Kazakov, V; Ahremenkov, AA; Alimova, NA
Jan-2005Thermodynamic model of capital extraction in economic systemsTsirlin, A; Kazakov, V; Alimova, N; Ahremenkov, A
1-Jan-2015"These days will never be forgotten . . .": A critical mass approach to online activismGhobadi, S; Clegg, S
2016Théorie des organisations: l'espace perdu? (Organisational Theory: Wasted Space?)Mukherjee,, A; Clegg, SR; de Vaujany, FX; Hussenot, A; Chanlat, JF
1-Aug-2018Thinking together about the future when you are not together: The effectiveness of using developed scenarios among geographically distributed groupsHew, A; Perrons, RK; Washington, S; Page, L; Zheng, Z
2-Apr-2016Third contribution to the ergodic/nonergodic critique: Reply to Davidson, part 2O'Donnell, R