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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008The value of managerial beliefs in turbulent environments: Managerial orientation and e-business advantageColtman, T; Devinney, TM; Midgley, D
Jan-2001The Value of Privatisation: The Case of State Bank of NSWCurrie, CV
Jan-2009The value of stock analysts' recommendations: Evidence from emerging marketsMoshirian, F; Ng, D; Wu, E
1-Mar-2011The value of style in architectural practiceKornberge, M; Kreiner, K; Clegg, S
Jan-2004The value of the S&P 500 - a macro view of the stock market adjustment process.Chiarella, C; Gao, S
Jan-2007Values and virtues or qualifications and experience? An analysis of non-profit recruitment advertising in AustraliaGreen, J; Dalton, BM
1-Sep-2017Values for the ICECAP-Supportive Care Measure (ICECAP-SCM) for use in economic evaluation at end of lifeHuynh, E; Coast, J; Rose, J; Kinghorn, P; Flynn, T
1-Jul-2011Valuing a multistate river: The case of the River MurrayMacdonald, DH; Morrison, MD; Rose, JM; Boyle, KJ
Jan-2008Valuing animal genetic resources: a case study of cattle in Kenya using choice experimentsRuto, E; Garrod, G; Scarpa, R
Jan-2007Valuing Basic PensionsPetrichev, K; Thorp, SJ; Lin, J
1-Feb-2014Valuing biodiversity enhancement in New Zealand's planted forests: Socioeconomic and spatial determinants of willingness-to-payYao, RT; Scarpa, R; Turner, JA; Barnard, TD; Rose, JM; Palma, JHN; Harrison, DR
1-Jan-2010Valuing citizen and patient preferences in health: Recent developments in three types of best-worst scalingFlynn, TN
1-Feb-2015Valuing coastal water quality: Adelaide, South Australia metropolitan areaHatton MacDonald, D; Ardeshiri, A; Rose, JM; Russell, BD; Connell, SD
1-May-2018Valuing EQ-5D-5L health states ‘in context’ using a discrete choice experimentCole, A; Shah, K; Mulhern, B; Feng, Y; Devlin, N
16-Dec-2014Valuing equity-linked death benefits in a regime-switching frameworkSiu, CC; Yam, SCP; Yang, H
1-Jan-2007Valuing externalities from water supply: Status quo, choice complexity and individual random effects in panel kernel logit analysis of choice experimentsScarpa, R; Willis, KG; Acutt, M
1-Jan-2018Valuing health-related quality of life: An EQ-5D-5L value set for EnglandDevlin, NJ; Shah, KK; Feng, Y; Mulhern, B; van Hout, B
30-Aug-2018Valuing injection frequency and other attributes of type 2 diabetes treatments in Australia: A discrete choice experimentFifer, S; Rose, J; Hamrosi, KK; Swain, D
Jan-2002Valuing intangible assets provides new challengesMatolcsy, ZP; Stokes, D; Wells, PA
1-Mar-2017Valuing Meta-Health Effects for Use in Economic Evaluations to Inform Reimbursement Decisions: A Review of the EvidenceDe Abreu Lourenco, R; Haas, M; Hall, J; Viney, R