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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2016The D-Day, V-Day, and bleak days of a disruptive technology: A new model for ex-ante evaluation of the timing of technology disruptionChen, C; Zhang, J; Guo, RS
19-Sep-2014Dadirri: Using a Philosophical Approach to Research to Build Trust between a Non-Indigenous Researcher and Indigenous ParticipantsStronach, MM; Adair, D
1-Jan-2014Dangerous frontiers in corporate governanceClarke, T
Jan-2001Dangers in Data Adjustment: The Case of Rights Issues & ReturnsChu, H; Partington, G
1-Nov-2016Daniel Berliner, Anne Regan Greenleaf, Milli Lake, Margaret Levi and Jennifer Noveck, Labor Standards in International Supply Chains - Aligning Rights and IncentivesBoersma, M
1-Mar-2016The dark side of organizational improvisation: Lessons from the sinking of Costa ConcordiaGiustiniano, L; Cunha, MPE; Clegg, S
4-Jul-2018The dark side of organizational paradoxes: Pragmatic paradoxes and the production of absurdityBerti, M; Simpson, AV
Jan-2008Darling Harbour: Looking back and moving forwardEdwards, DC; Griffin, T; Hayllar, BR; Hayllar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D
31-Aug-2010Darling harbour: Looking back and moving forwardEdwards, D; Griffin, T; Hayllar, B
Jan-2009Data and Design for Choice Models in MarketingEckert, C
1-Sep-2008David or Mia? The influence of gender on adolescent girls' choice of sport role modelsAdriaanse, JA; Crosswhite, JJ
1-Mar-2006Day-end effect on the Paris BourseMichayluk, D; Sanger, GC
1-Jan-2005De-Constructing Wonderland: Surfing Tourism in the Mentawai Islands, IndonesiaPonting, J; McDonald, M; Wearing, S
1-Jan-2014De-industrialisation, comparative economic performance and FDI inflows in emerging economiesKudina, A; Pitelis, C
15-Aug-2017The Death of Homo Economicus Work, Debt and the Myth of Endless AccumulationFleming, P
1-Mar-2018Debates and assumptions about motion picture performance: a meta-analysisCarrillat, FA; Legoux, R; Hadida, AL
Jan-2006Debt and aid, war and peace: Policy tradeoffs in conflict-affected countriesMenzies, GD
2017Decentralised bargaining in Denmark and Australia: Voluntarism versus Legal RegulationKaine, SJ; Kaj Anderson, S; Lansbury, R
Jan-2007Decentralized investment management: An analysis of non-profit pension fundsBateman, H; Thorp, SJ
1-May-2010Decentralized trade mitigates the lemons problemMoreno, D; Wooders, J