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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012De l'identification au discours identitaire vers l'engagement et la résistance : un modèle intégratifJosserand, EL; Gagne, JF
Jan-2012De l'identification du salarié au discours officiel à l'intention d'action : la mise en évidence de profils ambivalents combinant engagement et résistanceGagne, JF; Josserand, EL
Jan-2009La mujer y la alta gestion deportiva:de la declaration de Brighton a Sidney 2010Adriaanse, JA
Jan-2011La valorisation des depenses de R&D au JaponNguyen, PD; Nivoix, S; Noma, M
1-Jun-2018A laboratory experiment on the heuristic switching modelAnufriev, M; Chernulich, A; Tuinstra, J
1-Jan-2016Labour exploitation: Recent examples from AustraliaChelliah, J
Jan-2006Labour market reforms and lockouts in New ZealandPerry, LJ
1-Sep-2016Labour Standards in Global Value Chains: Disentangling Workers' Voice, Vicarious Voice, Power Relations, and RegulationJosser, E; Kaine, S
1-Jan-1989Labour supply, welfare rankings and the measurement of inequalityApps, P; Savage, E
1-Jan-2014Laefstael jenses: An investigation of barriers and facilitators for healthy lifestyles of women in an urban pacific island contextSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N
Jan-1980The Lagrange multiplier test and its applications to model specification in econometricsBreusch, T; Pagan, AR
Jan-2007Landcare and the livelihood of knowledgePerey, R; Dunphy, DC; Edwards, M; Benn, SH; Chapman, R
1-Jan-2007The landmark of CronullaCollins, J
Jan-2009The Landscape of Australian Project Management ResearchOwen, J; Algeo, CT; Sense, A; Watt, C
Jan-2012The Language of Power and the Power of LanguageClegg, SR; Grant, D; Hardy, C; Putnam, L
Jan-2008Laplace transform identities for diffusions, with applications to rebates and barrier optionsHulley, H; Platen, E; Stettner, L
1-Jun-2016Large Bayesian VARMAsChan, JCC; Eisenstat, E; Koop, G
1-Jan-2016The lasso for high dimensional regression with a possible change pointLee, S; Seo, MH; Shin, Y
Jan-2008"Last out of the plane": Air travel for people with disabilitiesDarcy, SA; Ravinder, R; Unnithan, A; Gupta, D
1-Jan-1981Latent variable models for time series. A frequency domain approach with an application to the permanent income hypothesisGeweke, JF; Singleton, KJ