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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010M-6-On Minimal Market Models and Minimal Martingale MeasuresHulley, H; Schweizer, M; Chiarella, C; Novikov, A
1-Dec-2012A macrodynamic model of real-financial interaction: Implications of budget equations and capital accumulationChiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Semmler, W
2012Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies in Intrinsically Unstable MacroeconomiesChiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Koeper, C; Proano, C; Semmler, W
Jan-2012A macroeconomics forecasting game: Description and evaluationO'Donnell, R
1-Jan-2014The magnitude and characteristics of the population of cancer survivors: Using populationbased estimates of cancer prevalence to inform service planning for survivorship careSharp, L; Deady, S; Gallagher, P; Molcho, M; Pearce, A; Thomas, AA; Timmons, A; Comber, H
Jan-2009Major sport events and participation legacy: The case of the 2003 IRB Rugby World Cup and Australia's qualification for the 2006 FIFA Football World CupFrawley, SM; Van Den Hoven, P; Cush, A; Allen, J
1-Jan-2011Major sport events and participation legacy: The case of the 2003 Rugby World CupFrawley, S; Cush, A
Jan-2007Making a match: Combining theory and evidence in policy-oriented macroeconomic modelingKapetanios, G; Pagan, AR; Scott, A
1-Apr-2018Making a place out of space: The social imaginaries and realities of a Business School as a designed spaceBerti, M; Simpson, AV; Clegg, SR
1-Nov-2013Making disciplinary writing and thinking practices an integral part of academic content teachingHunter, K; Tse, H
1-Jan-2005Making interorganizational relationships work: An introductionPitsis, TS; Josserand, E; Clegg, S; Kornberger, M
1-Jan-2015The making of a social entrepreneur: From participant to cause champion within a sport-for-development contextCohen, A; Peachey, JW
1-Jan-2015Making or breaking climate targets: The AMPERE study on staged accession scenarios for climate policyKriegler, E; Riahi, K; Bauer, N; Schwanitz, VJ; Petermann, N; Bosetti, V; Marcucci, A; Otto, S; Paroussos, L; Rao, S; Arroyo Currás, T; Ashina, S; Bollen, J; Eom, J; Hamdi-Cherif, M; Longden, T; Kitous, A; Méjean, A; Sano, F; Schaeffer, M; Wada, K; Capros, P; P. van Vuuren, D; Edenhofer, O
Jan-2004Making oral presentations: some practical guidelines and suggestions.Polonsky, M; Waller, DS
Jan-2011Making sense of Australian sport historyAdair, D; Georgakis, S; Russell, K
12-Dec-2018Making Sense of Sustainability WorkWilliams, T; Edwards, M; Angus-Leppan, T
1-Jan-2013Making strategy matter: Social theory, knowledge interests and business educationClegg, SR; Jarvis, WP; Pitsis, TS
1-Oct-2017Making the next move: When does the newness of experience matter in overseas sequential entries of multinational companies?Li, W; Guo, B; Xu, G
2015The malfunctions of new public management: a case study of governance in indigenous affairsMarsh, I; Wanna, J; Lindquist, EA; Marshall, P
31-May-2016Management Accounting Functionality in SAP Solutions – Implications for Research and PractiseOssimitz, M; Wieder, B; Chapman, P