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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Naked short sales and fails-to-deliver: An overview of clearing and settlement procedures for stock trades in the USAPutnins, TJ
1-Jan-2007Narcissism and Neo-Liberalism : Work, Leisure, and alienation in an era of consumptionMcDonald, M; Wearing, S; Ponting, J
Jan-2009Narrative and stories in organizational research: An exploration of gendered politics in research methodologyRhodes, CH; Pullen, A; Buchanan, DA; Bryman, A
1-Sep-2005Narrative, organizations and researchRhodes, C; Brown, AD
1-Sep-2016Nash at Wimbledon: Evidence from Half a Million ServesGauriot, R; Page, L; Wooders, J
Jan-2005National culture, materialism and consumption behaviourDelaney, JA; Burke, PF; Gudergan, S; Purchase, S
7-Jan-2008National health reform needs strategic investment in health services researchHall, JP; Viney, RC
29-Sep-2014National Innovation System: an account of Thailandvan Gennip, M
20-Oct-2017National innovation systems in the Asia Pacific: A comparative analysisClarke, T; Chelliah, J; Pattinson, E
Jan-2005National Leisure participation and time-use surveys: an overviewCushman, G; Zuzanek, J; Veal, AJ; Cushman, G; Veal, AJ; Zuzanek, J
Jan-2008National Parks, Tourism and MarketingWearing, SL
Jan-2006National parks: converting non-visitors to visitorsGriffin, T; Archer, DJ; O'Mahony, GB; Whitelaw, PA
Jan-2011Natural-Born Athletes? Australian Aboriginal People and the Double-Edged Lure of Professional SportAdair, D; Stronach, MM; Spracklen, K; Long, J
Jan-2008The nature and role of social relationships in social responsibilityYoung, LC; Donald, M; Freeman, LM; Benn, SH; Denize, S; Spanjaard, D; Sharma, N
20-Nov-2015Nature and Spirit of Exchange and Interpersonal Relationships Fostering Grassroots InnovationsJoshi, RG; Chelliah, J; Sood, S; Burdon, S
22-Apr-2016Nature and spirit of exchange and interpersonal relationships fostering grassroots innovationsJoshi, R; Chelliah, J; Sood, S; Burdon, SW
Jan-2003Nature for sale: the case for decommodifying interpretation and ecotourismWearing, SL; Archer, DJ; Jackson, M
27-May-2015The Nature of Aesthetics: How Consumer Culture has Changed our National ParksWearing, S; Ankor, J; McDonald, M; Schweinsberg, SC
18-Sep-2012The Nature Of Client-Consultant Interaction: A Critical ReviewNikolova, N; Devinney, T
Jan-2009The nature of peak experience in wildernessMcDonald, MG; Wearing, SL; Ponting, J