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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012S&amp;p/ASX 200: Does change in membership matter?Schmidt, C; Zhao, L; Terry, C
1-Feb-2008S-A-P zapping the fieldCarter, C; Clegg, SR; Kornberger, M
Jan-2010Safe, Stabel and Effective nanotechnology: phase mapping of ZnS nanoparticlesFeigl, CA; Russo, S; Barnard, A
2-Jan-2016Safety and security in tourism – recovery marketing after crisesBeirman, D
1-Apr-2017Safety outcomes for engineering asset management organizations: Old problem with new solutions?Novak, J; Farr-Wharton, B; Brunetto, Y; Shacklock, K; Brown, K
1-Jan-2004The Saga of a disallowed accounting standardGroen, B; Lanis, R
1-Jan-2012The SAGE handbook of corporate governanceClarke, T; Branson, DM
Jan-2007Sailing on Troubled Waters: Diversional Therapy in AustraliaPegg, S; Darcy, SA
Jan-2001Sales Force Effectiveness: The Role of Market Orientation and Sales Force AutonomyBrooke, M; Gudergan, S; Chetty, S; Collins, B
1-Jan-2013The sales lead black hole: On sales reps' follow-up of marketing leadsSabnis, G; Chatterjee, SC; Grewal, R; Lilien, GL
1-Mar-2017Sales representative departures &amp; customer reassignment strategies in business-to-business marketsShi, H; Sridhar, S; Grewal, R; Lilien, G
2-Jan-2018Saluting while the ship sinks: the necessity for tourism paradigm changeDwyer, L
1-Dec-2016Same process, different outcomes: group performance in an acquiring a company experimentCasari, M; Zhang, J; Jackson, C
Jan-2004The same strategic HRM issues predict performance in both for-profit and non-profit organizations in a key knowledge-intensive industryRodwell, JJ; Teo, ST; Elkin, G
1-Sep-2013Sample size requirements for stated choice experimentsRose, JM; Bliemer, MCJ
Jan-2003SAP case study - mySAP supply chain management at Parbury FHSWieder, B; Davis, D
Jan-2007Sarbannes-Oxley: Some Unintended ConsequencesGraham, A; Lin, B; Michayluk, D; Stuerke, P
Jan-2007Satisfaction and Perceived Productivity When Professionals Work From HomeBaker, E; Avery, GC; Crawford, JD
Jan-2007Satisfaction of arena-visitor: PLS path modeling results and analysis of the impact performance matrixHock, C; Ringle, C
Jan-2009Satisfaction with services: An impact-performance analysis for soccer-fan satisfaction judgementsSarstedt, M; Schwaiger, M; Ringle, C; Gudergan, S; Tojib, D