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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019U.K. utility weights for the EORTC QLU‐C10DNorman, R; Mercieca-Bebber, R; Rowen, D; Brazier, JE; Cella, D; Pickard, AS; Street, DJ; Viney, R; King, MT
Jan-2001U.S.-Canada Trade Liberalization and MNC Production LocationFeinberg, SE; Keane, M
Jan-2006Un-ordered organisation: exploring processes in an emergent social movementEdwards, M; Baulderstone, J
1-Sep-2016Unbundling the Expense Ratio: Hidden Distribution Costs in European Mutual Fund MarketsNavone, M; Nocera, G
1-Dec-2011The uncertain foundations of the welfare stateFeduzi, A; Runde, J
Jan-2011Uncertain survival and time discounting: Intertemporal consumption plans for family trustsSatchell, S; Thorp, SJ
1-Jan-2019Uncertainty, rationality and complexity in a multi-sectoral dynamic model: The dynamic stochastic generalized aggregation approachCatalano, M; Di Guilmi, C
1-Jul-2014Uncovering unknown unknowns: Towards a Baconian approach to management decision-makingFeduzi, A; Runde, J
1-Feb-2010The undecided space of ethics in organizational surveillanceIedema, R; Rhodes, C
6-Dec-2016Under new management, tradition of innovation and innovation of tradition: the case of constructive disruption in a family firmHermens, A; Simpson, A; Berti, M
Jan-2011Under Reconstruction: Modern BureaucracyClegg, SR; Harris, M; Hopfl, H; Clegg, SR
Jan-2009Undergraduate student aspirations, awareness and knowledge of postgraduate study options: A preliminary, qualitative investigationVarhegyi, M; Jepsen, DM; Connell, J; Jepsen, D; Johns, R; Spooner, K
Jan-2007The underperformance of the growth enterprise market in Hong KongChan, PT; Moshirian, F; Wu, E
Jan-2009Understanding 'Track/Trail' Experiences in National Parks: A Review,Wearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Faulkner, S; Tumes, K
Jan-2002Understanding Australian labour lawSpooner, KB; Spooner, K
1-Sep-2013Understanding buy-in for risky prospects incorporating degree of belief into the ex-ante assessment of support for alternative road pricing schemesHensher, DA; Rose, JM; Collins, AT
1-Dec-2017Understanding Chinese provincial real estate investment: A Global VAR perspectiveChen, Y; He, M; Rudkin, S
1-Mar-2012Understanding communities' views of nature in rural industry renewal: The transition from forestry to nature-based tourism in Eden, AustraliaSchweinsberg, SC; Leslie Wearing, S; Darcy, S
Jan-2011Understanding consumer psychology to avoid abuse of credit cardsSoman, D; Cheema, A; Chan, EY; Mick, DG; Pettigrew, S; Pechmann, CC; Ozanne, JL
Jan-2012Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility in Small and Medium Tourism BusinessesBarton, C; Schlenker, K; Edwards, DC; Lade, C; Melsen, L