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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2013Validating self-report of diabetes use by participants in the 45 and up study: A record linkage studyComino, EJ; Tran, DT; Haas, M; Flack, J; Jalaludin, B; Jorm, L; Harris, MF
Sep-2011Validating the factor structure of the Self-Report Psychopathy scale in a community sample.Mahmut, MK; Menictas, C; Stevenson, RJ; Homewood, J
Jan-2009Validation and calibration of the SF-36 health transition question against an external criterion of clinical change in health statusKnox, SA; King, MT
Jan-2008Validity, responsiveness and minimal important difference for the SF-6D health utliity scale in a spinal cord injured populationLee, BB; King, MT; Simpson, JM; Haran, MJ; Stockler, MR; Marial, O; Salkeld, G
1-Apr-2018The Valuable, the Constitutive, and the Energetic: Exploring the impact and importance of studying emotions and institutionsZietsma, C; Toubiana, M
1-Nov-2018Valuation of EuroQol Five-Dimensional Questionnaire, Youth Version (EQ-5D-Y) and EuroQol Five-Dimensional Questionnaire, Three-Level Version (EQ-5D-3L) Health States: The Impact of Wording and PerspectiveKreimeier, S; Oppe, M; Ramos-Goñi, JM; Cole, A; Devlin, N; Herdman, M; Mulhern, B; Shah, KK; Stolk, E; Rivero-Arias, O; Greiner, W
1-Dec-2010The valuation of R&amp;D expenditures in JapanNguyen, P; Nivoix, S; Noma, M
1-May-2017Valuation of systematic risk in the cross-section of credit default swap spreadsClaußen, A; Löhr, S; Rösch, D; Scheule, H
1-Jan-2014Valuations of epilepsy-specific health states: A comparison of patients with epilepsy and the general populationMulhern, B; Rowen, D; Snape, D; Jacoby, A; Marson, T; Hughes, D; Baker, G; Brazier, J
1-Jan-2018Value creation and the impact of policy interventions: Indian LPG supply chain case studyMittal, N; Agarwal, R; Selen, W
29-Jun-2007Value enhancement using momentum indicators: The European experienceBird, R; Casavecchia, L
15-Sep-2006Value for money in drug treatment: economic evaluation of prison methadoneWarren, E; Viney, R; Shearer, J; Shanahan, M; Wodak, A; Dolan, K
Jan-2007Value for money: Trends in management recruitment in Australian not-for-profit community service organisationsGreen, J; Treuren, G
1-Jan-2011The value of a corporate, workplace &amp; social reputation to potential executive employeesAuger, P; Devinney, TM; Dowling, GR; Eckert, C; Perm-Ajchariyawong, N
1-Jan-2009The Value of Alpha Forecasts in Portfolio ConstructionFong, K; Lee, AD; Gallagher, DR; Gallagher, DR
25-May-2010The value of audit qualifications in ChinaCzernkowski, R; Green, W; Wang, Y
1-Dec-2017The value of bank capital buffers in maintaining financial system resilienceBui, C; Scheule, H; Wu, E
Jan-2007The value of collective reputation for environmentally-friendly production methods: the case of Val di GrestaScarpa, R; Thiene, M; Marangon, F
22-May-2014The value of home-country governance for cross-listed stocksCumming, D; Hou, W; Wu, E
Jan-2008The value of managerial beliefs in turbulent environments: Managerial orientation and e-business advantageColtman, T; Devinney, TM; Midgley, D