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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Waiting costs and limit order book liquidity: Evidence from the ex-dividend deadline in AustraliaAinsworth, A; Lee, AD
Jan-2005Waiting for capital: the impact of corruption in Indonesian financial marketsMenzies, GD; Terry, C; Trayler, RM; Gup, BE
1-Jan-2014Waiting list prioritization guidelines being followed in Australia?Johar, M
1-Sep-2011Waiting times for elective surgery and the decision to buy private health insuranceJohar, M; Jones, G; Keane, M; Savage, E; Stavrunova, O
1-Jan-2019Waiting times in aged care: What matters?Yu, S; Byles, J
1-Sep-2013'Walls or Boxes': The Effects of Professional Identity, Power and Rationality on Strategies for Cross-Functional IntegrationVad Baunsgaard, V; Clegg, S
1-May-1998Walrasian equilibrium in matching modelsWooders, J
2016War on two fronts: Harmonising the public and private enforcement of Australia's corporate disclosure lawsBentley, N
Jan-2007'Warm hearted, genuine, compassionate seeks...' An Exploration of Recruitment Advertising for Managers in Australian Nonprofit Social ServicesGreen, J; Dalton, BM; Druker, PJ; University, CCC
Jan-2008Warming as usual - Radical change to international political economy required to address climate changeMcGregor, IM; Chester, L; Johnson, M; Kriesler, P
1-Jan-2015Waste the waist: A pilot randomised controlled trial of a primary care based intervention to support lifestyle change in people with high cardiovascular riskGreaves, C; Gillison, F; Stathi, A; Bennett, P; Reddy, P; Dunbar, J; Perry, R; Messom, D; Chandler, R; Francis, M; Davis, M; Green, C; Evans, P; Taylor, G
1-Dec-2005"Watch out, here comes feeling!" Women executives and emotion workRoss-Smith, A; Chesterman, C; Peters, M
Jan-2001Wavelet Analysis of The Cost-of-carry ModelLin, S; Stevenson, MJ
Jul-2018We Respect Their Autonomy and Dignity, But How Do We Value Patient-Reported Experiences?Bull, C; Byrnes, J; Mulhern, B
1-Dec-2007We see dead people?: The state of organization scienceSchwarz, GM; Clegg, S; Cummings, TG; Donaldson, L; Miner, JB
2019Weak tail conditions for local martingalesHulley, H; Ruf, J
1-May-2019Weak tail conditions for local martingalesHulley, H; Ruf, J
1-Jun-2008Wealth-driven competition in a speculative financial market: Examples with maximizing agentsAnufriev, M
1-Mar-2010Wealth-driven selection in a financial market with heterogeneous agentsAnufriev, M; Dindo, P
1-Jan-2014Weapons of mass intrusion: The leveraging of ambush marketing strategiesCarrillat, FA; Colbert, F; Feigné, M