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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122012 Australian Census of Women in LeadershipEOWA, EOFWITWA; Clarke, T; Nielsen, BB; Nielsen, S; Klettner, AL; Boersma, M
1-Mar-2018Accounting with SAP ERPWieder, B
2013All culture is local: Good practice in regional cultural mapping and planning from local governmentGibson, C; Brennan-Horley, C; Warren, A; Boaden, S; Andersen, L; Andersen, L; Malone, M
2-Dec-2014Ambush marketing and the football world cupChadwick, S; Liu, R; Thwaites, D
Jan-2008Australian Advertising Principles and PracticeWells, W; Spence-Stone, R; Moriarty, S; Burnett, J
Jan-2012The Australian Olympic Caravan from 2000 to 2012Cashman, R; Harris, R
Jan-2006Behavioral Social Choice: Probabilistic Models, Statistical Inference, and ApplicationsMarley, AA; Regenwetter, M; Grofman, AB; Tsetlin, I
Jan-2008Benchmark Games: The Sydney 2000 Paralympic gamesCashman, R; Darcy, S; Cashman, R; Darcy, S
Jan-2006The Bitter-Sweet Awakening: The Legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic GamesCashman, R
Jan-2010Brand society: how brands transform management and lifestyleKornberger, MM
1-Jan-2010Bridging the divide: The role of sport events in contributing to social development between disparate communitiesSchulenkorf, N
23-Jan-2019Business Computing Using Microsoft Office 2016/19 9781760730871Pazmandy, G; Bedford, D; Govendir, B
1998Business Culture in ChinaWang, Y; Xin, SZ; Goodfellow, R
30-Sep-2014Business transformation and sustainability through cloud system implementationSoliman, F
2015Business Transformation and Sustainability through Cloud System ImplementationSoliman, F
15-Apr-2018The CEO Society: The Corporate Takeover of Everyday LifeBloom, P; Rhodes, C
1-Jan-2015Challenging the third sector: Global prospects for active citizenshipKenny, S; Taylor, M; Onyx, J; Mayo, M
5-May-2017The Changing Face of Corruption in the Asia Pacific: Current Perspectives and Future ChallengesDela Rama, M; Rowley, C
5-May-2017The changing face of corruption in the Asia-Pacific Region: Its discontents, current perspectives, and future challengesDela Rama, M; Rowley, C
Jan-2003China Business Culture: Strategies for SuccessWang, KY; Zhang, X; Goodfellow, R