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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2017The Changing Face of Corruption in the Asia Pacific: Current Perspectives and Future ChallengesDela Rama, M; Rowley, C
5-May-2017The changing face of corruption in the Asia-Pacific Region: Its discontents, current perspectives, and future challengesDela Rama, M; Rowley, C
Jan-2003China Business Culture: Strategies for SuccessWang, KY; Zhang, X; Goodfellow, R
2008City Spaces - Tourist Places Urban Tourism PrecinctsHayllar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D; Hayllar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D
Jan-2007The Client-Consultant Relationship in Professional Business Service FirmsNikolova, N
8-Jun-2010Collaboration for Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentLiburd, J; Edwards, DC; Liburd, J; Edwards, D
8-Feb-2010Complete and incomplete econometric modelsGeweke, J
8-Jan-2016A concise history of economic thought: From mercantilism to monetarismVaggi, G; Groenewegen, P
1-Jan-2016Corporate governance regulation: The changing roles and responsibilities of boards of directorsKlettner, A
1-Jan-2019Corporate Governance: A SurveyClarke, T
20-Dec-2007Critical representations of work and organization in popular cultureRhodes, C; Westwood, R
15-Aug-2017The Death of Homo Economicus Work, Debt and the Myth of Endless AccumulationFleming, P
Jan-2004The Demutualisation of the Australian Stock Exchange: Causes and ConsequencesCowan, T; Da Silva Rosa, R; Walter, TS
25-Mar-2015Derivative Security Pricing Techniques, Methods and ApplicationsChiarella, C; Xue-Zhong, H; Nikitopoulos, CS
Jan-2008Determinants and Management of Make-and-Buy - An Extension to Transaction Cost EconomicsKrzeminska, A
Jan-2008Dynamische Aspekte im Kaufverhalten: Die Determinanten von Kaufzeitpunkt, Marken- und MengenwahlEckert, C
29-Jan-2016Ecological Imaginaries Reframing OrganisationPerey, R
29-Dec-2017Economic analysis of industrial agglomerationWang, J
1-Jan-2017Elgar Introduction to Organizational Discourse AnalysisBerti, M
2015Embodied Masculinities in Global SportKnijnik, J; Adair, D; Knijnik, J; Adair, D