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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2016Global sport-for-developmentSchulenkorf, N; Sherry, E; Rowe, K
17-Jan-2014Global Sport-for-Development: Critical PerspectivesSchulenkorf, N; Adair, D
1-Sep-2016Global Talent Management and Staffing in MNEsGuo, Y; Rammal, HG; Dowling, PJ
1-Oct-2014Global teachers, Australian perspectives: Goodbye Mr Chips, Hello Ms BanerjeeReid, C; Collins, J; Singh, M
2018Global Value Chains, Flexibility and SustainabilityConnell, J; Agarwal, R; Sushil, P; Dhir, S
28-Feb-2018Hacker Culture and the New Rules of InnovationRayner, T
Jan-2012Idea WorkCarlsen, A; Clegg, SR; Gjersvik, R
Jan-2007Innovation And Diffusion Of Software Technology: Mapping StrategiesPattinson, HM; Woodside, A
20-Oct-2017Innovation in the Asia Pacific: From Manufacturing to the Knowledge Economy-
1-Nov-2016Interactive MacroeconomicsDi Guilmi, C; Gallegati, M; Landini, S
4-Apr-2017Interactive macroeconomics: Stochastic aggregate dynamics with heterogeneous and interacting agentsDi Guilmi, C; Landini, S; Gallegati, M
Jan-2009International and Cross-Cultural Management Studies: A Postcolonial ReadingJack, G; Westwood, R
31-Jul-2007International Corporate Governance A Comparative ApproachClarke, T
10-May-2017International Corporate Governance: A Comparative ApproachClarke, T
31-Dec-2013Learning models for innovation in organizations: Examining roles of knowledge transfer and human resources managementSoliman, F
2019Management, Organizations and Contemporary Social TheoryClegg, SR; Pinha e Cunha, M; Clegg, SR; Pina e Cunha, M
Jan-2004Managers, quality and beliefs: The attitudes and beliefs of middle management about quality systems.Davis, D
Jan-2006Managing IdentityPullen, A
1-Jan-2015Managing People in Sport Organizations: A Strategic Human Resource Management PerspectiveTaylor, TL; Doherty, A; McGraw, P
12-Feb-2016Managing Sport Development: An International ApproachSherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P