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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2013Managing the OlympicsFrawley, S; Adair, D
1-Jan-2017Managing the paralympicsDarcy, S; Frawley, S; Adair, D
2016Marketing Protected Areas for TourismWearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Tower, J
Jan-2010Monetary MacrodynamicsAsada, T; Chiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Franke, R
Jan-2005Money and Employment: A Study of the Theoretical Implications of Endogenous MoneyDocherty, PT
2018MYOB V19.12 AccountRight Plus A Practical Guide to Computer AccountingPazmandy, G
Jan-2010The Myth of the Ethical ConsumerDevinney, TM; Auger, P; Eckhardt, G
1-Dec-2010Nonlinear oligopolies: Stability and bifurcationsBischi, GI; Kopel, M; Chiarella, C; Szidarovszky, F
1-Jan-2014The numerical solution of the American option pricing problem: Finite difference and transform approachesChiarella, C; Kang, B; Meyer, GH
Jan-2003Open Economy Macrodynamics: An Integrated Disequilibrium ApproachAsada, T; Chiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Franke, R
Jan-2003Organizational Change for Corporate SustainabilityDunphy, DC; Griffiths, AB; Benn, SH
9-May-2014Organizational Change for Corporate SustainabilityBenn, S; Dunphy, D; Griffiths, A
28-Feb-2019Oxford Handbook of the CorporationClarke, T; O'Brien, J; O'Kelley, C; Clarke, T; O'Brien, J; O'Kelley, C
2018Payroll Accounting Including Using MYOB PayrollCollins, A; Pazmandy, G
1-Jan-2017Payroll Accounting Including using MYOB Payroll 9781925433739Pazmandy, G; Collins, A
Feb-2016Planning, Funding, and Community Action The Area Assistance StoryBamforth, J; Gapps, B; Gurr, R; Howard, A; Onyx, J; Rawthorne, M
Jan-2006Power and OrganizationsClegg, SR; Courpasson, D; Phillips, N
1-Jan-2006Power and organizationsClegg, SR; Courpasson, D; Phillips, N
30-Oct-2017The Power of Conferences: stories of serendipity, innovation and driving social changeEdwards, D; Foley, C; Malone, C
30-Sep-2014PrefaceSoliman, F