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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018The paradoxical implications of comprehensive performance measurement systems for the generation and management of TMT conflictBedford, D; Bisbe, J; Sweeney, B
2013Parenting practices and advantage for corporate entrepreneurshipSchweitzer, J; Lessner, M
Jan-2008A Pareto Approach to Aligning Public and Private Objectives in Vehicle DesignFrischknecht, BD; Papalambros, PY; NA
Jan-2001Partnerships in educational networks in community organisationsDovey, KA; Green, J; McQueen, M; Publisher
Jan-2001Past, Present and Future of Japanese Employment RelationsIda, T; Okamoto, K; Teo, ST; Matthews, J; n/a
Jan-2013Paternalistic Leadership and Ethical Judgement in Chinese Management Confucian and Collectivism ApproachesHuang, K; Chung, T; Wang, KY; Chen, K; Shieh, D; Chich-Jen
Jan-2005Peace making through events: The impact of international sport events in multicultural Sri LankaSchulenkorf, N; Allen, J
Jan-2008Perceptions of administrative staff in organizational change and job strain in the Australian higher education sectorYeung, ME; Teo, ST; Wilson, M
Jan-2006Perceptions of business students towards skills and attributes for industry: how important is communication?Waller, DS; Hingorani, A; Anyanwu, C
Jan-2007Perceptions of Offensive Advertising Elements: A China-US ComparisonWaller, DS; Fam, K; Christy, TP; Barrett, NJ; Engilbertsson, H
Jan-2001Perceptions of Strategic and Operational Involvement in HRM as Predictors of HRM PerformanceTeo, ST; N/A
Jan-2006Perceptual differences in graduate recruitment and selection in AustraliaTeo, ST; Harrington, K; Johns, RE; Kennedy, J; Di Milia, L
1-Aug-2016Performance impacts of Big Data AnalyticsThirathon, U
Jan-2004Performance measurement in a Chinese television organisationWang, W; Davis, D; Power, D
1-Jan-2015Performance Measurement Information Systems: Do they Convey (Sustainable) Competitive Advantage?Peters, M; Wieder, B; Epstein, M; Verbeeten, F; Widener, S
1-Oct-2015Performance Measurement Information Systems: Do they Convey (Sustainable) Competitive Advantage?Peters, M; Wieder, B
Jan-2008Performance of entrepreneurial Chinese immigrants in network marketing organisationsDai, F; Teo, ST; Wang, KY; Wilson, M
Jan-2008Perspectives on multiple stakeholders and management control systems. Institutional and stakeholder theory: Friend or foe?Sundin, HJ; Brown, DA; Booth, PJ; Hartmann, FGH
26-Feb-2015Physically-attractive males increase men’s financial risk-takingChan, EY; Morales, A; Williams, P