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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001Sales Force Effectiveness: The Role of Market Orientation and Sales Force AutonomyBrooke, M; Gudergan, S; Chetty, S; Collins, B
Jan-2004The same strategic HRM issues predict performance in both for-profit and non-profit organizations in a key knowledge-intensive industryRodwell, JJ; Teo, ST; Elkin, G
Jan-2009Satisfaction with services: An impact-performance analysis for soccer-fan satisfaction judgementsSarstedt, M; Schwaiger, M; Ringle, C; Gudergan, S; Tojib, D
Jan-2007Saving fun for a boring futureNoguti, V; Onay, S; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J
Jan-2007Schwartz Values Clusters and Tourists' ActivitiesLee, J; Soutar, G; Daly, T; Kelley, JB; Louviere, JJ; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J
Jan-2002Scientific method and marketing: an analytical frameworkWilkinson, I; Young, LC; Cadeaux, J; Pecotich, A
Jan-2002Scoping the challenge - arts management in times of uncertaintyBurton, C; Rentschler, R
Jan-2012Scrambled polynomial lattice rules for infinite-dimensional integrationBaldeaux, JF; Wozniakowski, H; Plaskota, L
Jan-2005Scratching the surface of skincare product advertising in AustraliaHingorani, A; Diehl, S; Terlutter, R; Weinberg, P
Jan-2003Searching for the meaning of efficiency in contemporary management praxisCallender, GC; Johnston, J; Delener, N; Chao, CN
31-Jan-2019Seeing more in less: How connecting and separating mindsets affect the process and outcome of product customizationSaluja, G; Adaval, R; Jain, SP; Vijayalakshmi, A
1-Mar-2018Seeing more in less: How connecting and separating mindsets affect the process and outcome of product customizationSaluja, G; Adaval, R
Jan-2005Seeking simplicity in complexity: profiling consumers who prefer easy-to-use products in the DVD recorder marketBurke, PF; Purchase, S
7-Oct-2012Self-construal as a Cultural Mindset and its Relevance for Automatic Social BehaviorSaluja, G; Adaval, R; Gürhan-Canli, Z; Otnes, C; Zhu, R
1-Jul-2016Self-identification as a resistance strategy: The changing nature of architectural work and its relation to architects' identityAhuja, S; Nikolova, N; Clegg, SR
Jan-2011Service innovation - lessons from modularization and open innovation - a new service valueSivaprakasam, S; Agarwal, R; Voges, APK; Cavana, APB
Jan-2007Service Quality and its contribution to Price Premium though Service Loyalty: a B2B PerspectiveRauyruen, PY; Miller, K; Naude, P; Zolkiewski, J; Henneberg, S
Jan-2003Sevice quality of entertainment parks in Vietnam: a replication studyNguyen, DT; Barrett, NJ; Trang, NT; Kennedy, R
2014Shaking Stakeholders to Leverage a Firm’s Unique Capacity in Issue NetworksEdwards, M; Sulkowski, AJ; Hendry, JR
Jan-2011Signalling or wealth transfer: Evidence from the response of corporate bonds to payout changesZhao, L; Chang, JLCEA