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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007'Warm hearted, genuine, compassionate seeks...' An Exploration of Recruitment Advertising for Managers in Australian Nonprofit Social ServicesGreen, J; Dalton, BM; Druker, PJ; University, CCC
Jan-2008Warming as usual - Radical change to international political economy required to address climate changeMcGregor, IM; Chester, L; Johnson, M; Kriesler, P
1-Dec-2010Web service reputation prediction based on customer feedback forecasting modelAl-Sharawneh, J; Williams, MA; Goldbaum, D
1-Jan-2017“We’re All In This Together”: Improving The Sustainability Practices Of Holiday Homes Through ClusteringHassanli, N; Ashwell, J
17-Jul-2017What comes first the co-Authorship network or the citation?Xu, G; He, X; Butler, A
2006What Drives Alliance Agility? Governance, Leadership And Capability Development In AlliancesSchweitzer, J; Gudergan
Jan-2004What factors make controversial advertising offensive? a preliminary studyWaller, DS; Dunn, A; Jacobs, J
1-Dec-2009What our ICT graduates really need from us: A perspective from the workplaceKoppi, T; Sheard, J; Naghdy, F; Chicharo, J; Edwards, SL; Brookes, W; Wilson, D
Jan-2009What we need from the Copenhagen Climate Summit - and are unlikely to get!McGregor, IM; Baer, P; Leal, W
Jan-2010What's in it for me? A comparison of postgraduate and undergraduate performance in supplemental instruction at an Australian universityMeyer, PH; Hutcheson, TJ; Jie, F; Lodewijks, J; O'Donnell, R
Jan-2011What's Trust Got to Do with it? Perceptions of trust in call centresHannif, ZN; Connell, JA; Burgess, J; McDonnell, A; Laneyrie, F; Li, L; Markey, R
Jan-2014When Magazine Editorial and Advertising are in ConflictFreeman, LM; Bell, S; Veer, E; Ballantine, P; Ozanne, L
Jan-2014When the feeling of being humble is not humble: Exploring (im)modesty effects on leadersSimpson, AV; Regio, A; Cunha, M
Jan-2002When the law does not work: clothing outworkers in AustraliaSpooner, KB; Spooner, K
Jan-2009When the Real World Problem is Extremely Complex, How do We Overcome Excessive Cognitive Load When Mirroring Intensive and Intricate Conditions in Research?Fine, B; Bray, D; Wang, PZ; Menictas, C; NA
1-Dec-2011Which networks are least susceptible to cascading failures?Blume, L; Easley, D; Kleinberg, J; Kleinberg, R; Tardos, E
Jan-2008Whose body is welcome in paradise?Small, J; Harris, C; McIntosh, A; Richardson, R; Fredline, L; Patiar, A; Ternel, M
Jan-2003Why do employees quit: a case study of the complexities of labour turnoverJohns, RE; White, G; Corby, S; Stanworth, C
Jan-2008Why happy shoppers don't stop and thinkSpanjaard, DC; Freeman, LM; Young, LC; Denize, S; Spanjaard, D; Sharma, N
1-Mar-2016Why positive interventions originate organizational contradictionsCunha, M; Rego, A; Simpson, AV