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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03-25For better, for worse? What to do when celebrity endorsements go badCarrillat, FA; d'Astous, A; Lazure, J
2009-04-01Examining the impact of service quality: A meta-analysis of empirical evidenceCarrillat, FA; Jaramillo, F; Mulki, JP
2014-01-01Are maximizers blind to the future? When today's best does not make for a better tomorrowBesharat, A; Ladik, DM; Carrillat, FA
2011-09-01When the decision ball keeps rolling: An investigation of the Sisyphus effect among maximizing consumersCarrillat, FA; Ladik, DM; Legoux, R
2009-06-01Cognitive segmentation: Modeling the structure and content of customers' thoughtsCarrillat, FA; Riggle, RJ; Locander, WB; Gebhardt, GF; Lee, JM
2012-03-01The sponsorship-advertising interface: Is less better for sponsors?Carrillat, FA; d'Astous, A
2014-01-01Leveraging social media to enhance recruitment effectiveness: A facebook experimentCarrillat, FA; d’Astous, A; Grégoire, EM
2015-09-22How corporate sponsors can optimize the impact of their message content: Mastering the message – Improving the processability and effectiveness of sponsorship activationCarrillat, FA; D'Astous, A; Couture, MPC
2014-01-01Guilty by Association: The Perils of Celebrity Endorsement for Endorsed Brands and their Direct CompetitorsCarrillat, FA; d'Astous, A; Christianis, H
2014-09-01When motivation is against debtors' best interest: The illusion of goal progress in credit card debt repaymentBesharat, A; Carrillat, FA; Ladik, DM
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