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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10Analysis of Risk Factors in Sustainable Supply Chain Management in an Emerging Economy of Leather IndustryMoktadir, MA; Dwivedi, A; Khan, NS; Paul, SK; Khan, SA; Ahmed, S; Sultana, R
2020-12An investigation of key performance indicators for operational excellence towards sustainability in the leather products industryMoktadir, MA; Dwivedi, A; Rahman, A; Chiappetta Jabbour, CJ; Paul, SK; Sultana, R; Madaan, J
2022-05-10Antecedents for circular bioeconomy practices towards sustainability of supply chainMoktadir, MA; Dwivedi, A; Rahman, T
2021-12Addressing the Challenges to Sustainable Initiatives in Value Chain Flexibility: Implications for Sustainable Development GoalsDwivedi, A; Agrawal, D; Jha, A; Gastaldi, M; Paul, SK; D’Adamo, I
2022-05A framework for digital supply chains in the era of circular economy: Implications on environmental sustainabilityDwivedi, A; Paul, SK
2023-11A study to forecast healthcare capacity dynamics in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemicPatil, A; Shardeo, V; Madaan, J; Dwivedi, A; Paul, SK
2023-01Modeling the blockchain readiness challenges for product recovery systemDwivedi, A; Agrawal, D; Paul, SK; Pratap, S
2023-05Sustaining circular economy practices in supply chains during a global disruptionDwivedi, A; Chowdhury, P; Paul, SK; Agrawal, D
2023-05Antecedents of digital supply chains for a circular economy: a sustainability perspectiveDwivedi, A; Chowdhury, P; Agrawal, D; Paul, SK; Shi, Y
2023-06Impediments of product recovery in circular supply chains: Implications for sustainable developmentAgrawal, D; Dwivedi, A; Patil, A; Paul, SK
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