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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02-01The role of top management team diversity in shaping the performance of business model innovation: a threshold effectGuo, B; Pang, X; Li, W
2018-10-01Foreign sequential entry mode choice: A structural inertia perspective and evidence from Chinese firmsXu, G; Guo, B; Li, W; Wang, X
2017-04-01Seeking legitimacy: Chinese OFDI and domestic isomorphic pressuresGuo, B; Xu, G; Li, W
2017-01-01How do linking, leveraging and learning capabilities influence the entry mode choice for multinational firms from emerging markets?Li, W; Guo, B; Xu, G
2017-10-01Making the next move: When does the newness of experience matter in overseas sequential entries of multinational companies?Li, W; Guo, B; Xu, G
2020-06-24Break or stay in prior interantionalization portfolio? The impacts of negative performance gap and top management team’s experience on new country entries.Li, W; Guo, B; Gu, J; Hu, W
2020-03-02What makes a successful industry-level catch-up? General framework and case study of China’s LED industryGuo, B; Ding, P; Greidanus, FJAM; Li, WH
2020-04-30Huawei's Internationalization JourneyLi, W; Chang, X; Guo, B
2021-06Untangling the commonalities and differences between domestic cross-regional experience and international experience in shaping speed of internationalizationLi, WH; Guo, B; De Sisto, M
2021-06-21Technology Decomposition and Technology Recombination in Industrial Catch-up for Large Emerging Economies: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing IndustriesChen, X; Guo, B; Guo, J; Li, WH
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