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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01The dialectics of serendipityPina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Clegg, S; Lindsay, G
2014-12-01Organizational improvisation: From the constraint of strict tempo to the power of the avant-gardePina e Cunha, M; Clegg, S; Rego, A; Neves, P
2009-01From "This job is killing me" to "I live the life I love and I love the life I live"Pina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Clegg, SR; Cabral-Cardoso, C; Reddy, S
2014-01-01The ethical speaking of objects: ethics and the 'object-ive' world of Khmer Rouge young comradesPina e Cunha, M; Clegg, S; Rego, A
2015-01-01‘The revolution will not be televised’: the institutional work of radical change in China’s Cultural RevolutionChan, A; Clegg, S; Pina e Cunha, M; Rego, A
2015-01-01Powers of Romance: The Liminal Challenges of Managing Organizational IntimacyClegg, S; Pina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Story, J
2014-02-01Erratum to Lessons for leaders: Positive organization studies meets Niccolò Machiavelli (Leadership, (2013), 9, 4(450-465), 10.1177/1742715012455355)Pina e Cunha, M; Clegg, S; Rego, A
2013-01To the Victor go the Spoils! Distributed Agencies, Inhumanities and the Case of Comrade Duch of the Khmer RougeClegg, SR; Pina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Vaujany, FD; Mitev, N
2017-04-01Mission impossible? The paradoxes of stretch goal settingPina e Cunha, M; Giustiniano, L; Rego, A; Clegg, S
2021The historical embededness of organizational paradoxes: Risk-related rituals and realities in emergency managementPierides, D; Clegg, SR; Pina e Cunha, M; Bednarek, R; Smith, W
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