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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-01JSFD in times of change: A reflection on milestones met and challenges aheadSchulenkorf, N; Sherry, E; Richards, J
2013-11-21Advancing the Evidence Base of Sport for Development: A New Open-Access, Peer-Reviewed JournalRichards, J; Kaufman, Z; Schulenkorf, N; Wolff, E; Gannett, K; Siefken, K; Rodriguez, G
2016-12-22Evaluation Protocol: Netball to promote physical and mental health in Samoa and TongaRichards, J; Sherry, E; Philpott, O; Keane, L; Schulenkorf, N; Bauman, A
2022-01-01Studying Sports Fans Through Ethnographic Methods: Walk a Mile in Their ShoesRichards, J; Parry, KD; Spanjaard, D
2022-02-25Netball Shoots for Physical and Mental Wellbeing in Samoa: A Natural ExperimentRichards, J; Sherry, E; Tamala, F; Schuster, S; Schulenkorf, N; Keane, L
2022-07-07Moving beyond disciplinary silos: The potential for transdisciplinary research in Sport for DevelopmentWhitley, MA; Collison-Randall, H; Wright, PM; Darnell, SC; Schulenkorf, N; Knee, E; Holt, NL; Richards, J
2022-03-31Health interventions as vehicles for increased sport participation for women and girls: Socio-managerial insights from a Netball-for-Development Program in TongaSchulenkorf, N; Sherry, E; Richards, J; Siefken, K; Tauhalaliku, U
2020-09-16Personal, Social, and Environmental Mediators Associated With Increased Recreational Physical Activity in Women and Girls in the Kingdom of Tonga.Keane, L; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Negin, J; Ding, D; Bauman, A; Jegasothy, E; Richards, J
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