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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01The joint estimation of respondent-reported certainty and acceptability with choiceRose, JM; Beck, MJ; Hensher, DA
2015-01-01International air travel: Safety and security in a post-MH climateBeck, MJ; Rose, JM; Merkert, R
2019-10-01Managing groundwater in a mining region: an opportunity to compare best-worst and referendum dataHatton MacDonald, D; Rose, JM; Johnston, RJ; Bark, RH; Pritchard, J
2016-07-01Can you ever be certain? Reducing hypothetical bias in stated choice experiments via respondent reported choice certaintyBeck, MJ; Fifer, S; Rose, JM
2012-01-01Interactive stated choice surveys: A study of air travel behaviourCollins, AT; Rose, JM; Hess, S
2013-05-01What if my model assumptions are wrong?: The impact of non-standard behaviour on choice model estimationRose, JM; Hess, S; Collins, AT
2013-12-01A closer look at decision and analyst error by including nonlinearities in discrete choice models: Implications on willingness-to-pay estimates derived from discrete choice data in healthcareDe Bekker-Grob, EW; Rose, JM; Bliemer, MCJ
2014-01-01Bayesian imputation of non-chosen attribute values in revealed preference surveysWashington, S; Ravulaparthy, S; Rose, JM; Hensher, D; Pendyala, R
2012-09-01Attribute exclusion strategies in airline choice: Accounting for exogenous information on decision maker processing strategies in models of discrete choiceRose, JM; Hensher, DA; Greene, WH; Washington, SP
2019-11-01The economic value of tourism and recreation across a large protected area networkHeagney, EC; Rose, JM; Ardeshiri, A; Kovac, M
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