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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Cultivating safe space: Lessons for sport-for-development projects and eventsSpaaij, R; Schulenkorf, N
5-May-2014The opportunities and challenges of using cricket as a sport-for-development tool in SamoaKhoo, C; Schulenkorf, N; Adair, D
1-Jan-2015Medical Volunteer Tourism as an Alternative to Backpacking in PeruGodfrey, J; Wearing, S; Schulenkorf, N
1-Jan-2015Process evaluation of a walking programme delivered through the workplace in the South Pacific island VanuatuSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N
21-Nov-2013Advancing the Evidence Base of Sport for Development: A New Open-Access, Peer-Reviewed JournalRichards, J; Kaufman, Z; Schulenkorf, N; Wolff, E; Gannett, K; Siefken, K; Rodriguez, G
2015Sport for Development and Peace: A Critical Sociology, by S.C. Darnell, London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2012, £50.00 (hardback), 192 pp., ISBN 978-1-849-66344-1Schulenkorf, N
Jan-2012Benefits of Intercultural Cooperation in Sport-for-Development: Complementing International Expertise with Local Community KnowledgeSchulenkorf, N; Lidor, R; Schneider, KH; Koenen, K
1-Jan-2014Laefstael jenses: An investigation of barriers and facilitators for healthy lifestyles of women in an urban pacific island contextSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N
Jan-2012Sport DevelopmentSchulenkorf, N; Adair, D; Leberman, S; Collins, C; Trenberth, L
1-Jan-2012Sport for development and peace in divided societies: Developing cross-community sport partnerships in IsraelSugden, J; Schulenkorf, N
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