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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12Womens’ healthy lifestyle behaviour in urban Vanuatu–an in-depth investigationSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N
2014-02Inspiring Pacific Women for Lifestyle Change: An Attempt to Halt the Spread of Chronic DiseasesSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N; Schulenkorf, N; Adair, D
2013-11-21Advancing the Evidence Base of Sport for Development: A New Open-Access, Peer-Reviewed JournalRichards, J; Kaufman, Z; Schulenkorf, N; Wolff, E; Gannett, K; Siefken, K; Rodriguez, G
2019-01-01South Pacific: Fostering healthy lifestylesSchulenkorf, N; Siefken, K; Collison, H; Darnell, S; Giulianotti, R; Howe, D
2015-01-01Process evaluation of a walking programme delivered through the workplace in the South Pacific island VanuatuSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N
2019-02-01Managing sport-for-development and healthy lifestyles: The sport-for-health modelSchulenkorf, N; Siefken, K
2020Sport-for-Development and (Partnerships with) the Health Sector: Reflections from the Pacific IslandsSchulenkorf, N; Siefken, K; Welty Peachey, J; Green, C; Chalip, L
2022-03-31Health interventions as vehicles for increased sport participation for women and girls: Socio-managerial insights from a Netball-for-Development Program in TongaSchulenkorf, N; Sherry, E; Richards, J; Siefken, K; Tauhalaliku, U
2022Moving forward, moving more: putting low- and middle-income countries firmly on the global physical activity agendaSiefken, K; Ramirez Varela, A; Waqanivalu, T; Schulenkorf, N; Siefken, K; Ramirez Varela, A; Waqanivalu, T; Schulenkorf, N
2014-01-01Laefstael jenses: An investigation of barriers and facilitators for healthy lifestyles of women in an urban pacific island contextSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N
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