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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01Heterogeneous agent models in financial markets: A nonlinear dynamics approachHe, XZ; Li, Y; Zheng, M
2019Investigating the relative value of health and social care related quality of life using a discrete choice experimentMulhern, B; Norman, R; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Street, D; Malley, J; Viney, R
2019-11-01A structural model for investigating the driving and dependence power of supply chain risks in the readymade garment industryChowdhury, NA; Ali, SM; Mahtab, Z; Rahman, T; Kabir, G; Paul, SK
2019-05-01Physician pricing behavior: Evidence from an Australian experimentYu, S; van Gool, K; Hall, J; Fiebig, DG
2019-08-01Managing systemic uncertainty: The role of industry-level management controls and hybridsThambar, PJ; Brown, DA; Sivabalan, P
2019-05-31Creative Destruction, Technology Disruption and GrowthClarke, T; Hamilton, J; Dixit, A; Edwards, S; Judd, K
2019-09-01A social licence for the sharing economyBaumber, A; Scerri, M; Schweinsberg, S
2019-12-01Critical elements in accessible tourism for destination competitiveness and comparison: Principal component analysis from Oceania and South AmericaNatalia, P; Clara, RA; Simon, D; Noelia, G; Barbara, A
2020-10-02Ultra-low-dose quadruple combination blood pressure lowering therapy in patients with hypertension: The QUARTET randomized controlled trial protocol.Chow CK; Atkins ER; Billot L; Chalmers J; Hillis GS; Hay P; Neal B; Nelson M; Patel A; Reid CM; Schlaich M; Usherwood T; Webster R; Rodgers A
2020-12The impacts of price regulation on price dispersion in Australia's retail electricity marketsEsplin R; Davis B; Rai A; Nelson T
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