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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The Increasing Importance of Non-Standard Employment Relations: A Biblical EvaluationDocherty, P
2020-02-01Evidence on compensation consultant fees and CEO payGrosse, M; Ma, N; Scott, T
2015-06-30Neo-Colonialism and the Volunteer Tourist Gaze: Commercial Volunteer Tourism in Cusco, PeruGodfrey, J; Wearing, S; Schulenkorf, N
2019-02Fixed-dose combination medications for non-communicable diseases.Webster R
2020Failure to access prescribed pharmaceuticals by older patients with chronic conditionsMcRae I; Van Gool K; Hall J; Yen L; Wright M
2020What happens to drug use and expenditure when cost sharing is completely removed? Evidence from a Canadian provincial public drug planLaba T-L; Cheng L; Worthington HC; McGrail K; Chan FKI; Mamdani M; Law MR
2020-11Horizontal inequity in the utilisation of healthcare services in Australia.Pulok MH; van Gool K; Hall J
2020-10Assessing the capacity of Ghana to introduce health technology assessment: a systematic review of economic evaluations conducted in Ghana.Addo R; Goodall S; Hall J; Haas M
2020-04-22Improving outcomes for marginalised rural families through an care navigator programKirby S; Edwards K; Yu S; van Gool K; Powell-Davies G; Harris-Roxas B; Gresham E; Harris M; Hall J
2020Attachment and child behaviour and emotional problems in autism spectrum disorder with intellectual disabilityTeague SJ; Newman LK; Tonge BJ; Gray KM; Aery A; Andersson E; Arciuli J; Arora S; Bezzina L; Blackmore R; Borland R; Caruana J; Cawood D; Clarke K; Day J; Dossetor D; Einfeld S; Emerson E; Evans H; Fernandez A; Goodall S; Gray KM; Haas K; Henderson K; Henry T; Hinton S; Hoath F; Hodges J; Horstead S; Howlin P; Hu N; Keating C; Kelly E; Knott R; Kotselas P; Louie E; McAuliffe Z; O’Hagan G; Panahi B; Phillis K; Rice L; Rose O; Rotolone C; Salvador-Carulla L; Sanders M; Schoch M; Shortt F; Silove N; Sofronoff K; Stace L; Taffe J; Thompson DM; Tonge BJ; Viney R; Wallman E
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