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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-20112011 North American Economic Science Association ConferenceWooders, J; Wooders, J
1-May-2016Dynamic markets for lemons: Performance, liquidity, and policy interventionMoreno, D; Wooders, J
1-Sep-2016Nash at Wimbledon: Evidence from Half a Million ServesGauriot, R; Page, L; Wooders, J
1-Aug-2017Is education the mechanism through which family background affects economic outcomes? A generalised approach to mediation analysisMendolia, S; Siminski, P
1-May-2011Long-run mortality effects of Vietnam-era Army service: Evidence from Australia's conscription lotteriesSiminski, P; Ville, S
1-Jan-2018College party culture and sexual assaultLindo, JM; Siminski, P; Swensen, ID
1-Sep-2017The Effects of World War II Military Service: Evidence from AustraliaCousley, A; Siminski, P; Ville, S
1-Apr-2009Measures of asthma control and quality of life: Longitudinal data provide practical insights into their relative usefulness in different research contextsKing, MT; Kenny, PM; Marks, GB
14-Jun-2010The Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program: A community-based translational studyColagiuri, S; Vita, P; Cardona-Morrell, M; Singh, MF; Farrell, L; Milat, A; Haas, M; Bauman, A
1-Feb-2014Use of generic and condition-specific measures of health-related quality of life in NICE decision-making: A systematic review, statistical modelling and surveyLongworth, L; Yang, Y; Young, T; Mulhern, B; Hern√°ndez Alava, M; Mukuria, C; Rowen, D; Tosh, J; Tsuchiya, A; Evans, P; Devianee Keetharuth, A; Brazier, J
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