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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01PLS path modeling in marketing and genetic algorithm segmentationRingle, C; Schlittgen, R; Sarstedt, M; Tojib, D
2008Conducting discrete choice experiments to inform healthcare decision making: a user's guide.Lancsar, E; Louviere, J
2015-07-29Compliance with Australian stroke guideline recommendations for outdoor mobility and transport training by post-inpatient rehabilitation services: An observational cohort studyMcCluskey, A; Ada, L; Kelly, PJ; Middleton, S; Goodall, S; Grimshaw, JM; Logan, P; Longworth, M; Karageorge, A
2014-05-21The ‘myth’ of the Australian entrepreneurLogue, DM; Boersma, M
2004-01Beyond exchange: the commitment-trust theory revisitedNorton, C; Gudergan, S; Young, LC; Wiley, J; Thirkell, P
2014-02-02Theory Development of How Student Entrepreneurs Think, Learn and Work: Uncovering Deep Insights into the Cognitive Processes of Student Entrepreneur Lived Experiences to Develop a Cue Inventory of Student EntrepreneurshipMarchand, JM; Sood, SS
2003-12Bounded continuously distributed delays in dynamic oligopoliesChiarella, C; Szidarovszky, F
2011-07-01Cost-effectiveness of guideline-endorsed treatments for low back pain: A systematic reviewLin, CWC; Haas, M; Maher, CG; MacHado, LAC; Van Tulder, MW
2007-01Board Roles in Nonprofit Sport Organisations with a Dual Board SystemYeh, C; Taylor, TL; Hoye, RS; Chapman Ross
2005-01Portfolio design and challenges inherent in multiple manager structuresGallagher, DR; Gardner, P
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