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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The cost of hospitalisation for youth self-harm: differences across age groups, sex, Indigenous and non-Indigenous populationsKinchin I; Russell AMT; Byrnes J; McCalman J; Doran CM; Hunter E
2020-09-03General practice’s early response to the COVID-19 pandemicWright M; Versteeg R; Hall J
2020-11-03Respondent Understanding in Discrete Choice Experiments: A Scoping Review.Pearce A; Harrison M; Watson V; Street DJ; Howard K; Bansback N; Bryan S
2020-11-05Cost-effectiveness analysis of PET/CT surveillance imaging to detect systemic recurrence in resected stage III melanoma: study protocol.Dieng M; Khanna N; Nguyen MTH; Turner R; Lord SJ; Menzies AM; Allen J; Saw R; Nieweg OE; Thompson J; Morton RL
2020-09Atrial Fibrillation Screen, Management, and Guideline-Recommended Therapy in the Rural Primary Care Setting: A Cross-Sectional Study and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of eHealth Tools to Support All Stages of Screening.Orchard J; Li J; Freedman B; Webster R; Salkeld G; Hespe C; Gallagher R; Patel A; Kamel B; Neubeck L; Lowres N
2020-09On the impact of increasing penetration of variable renewables on electricity spot price extremes in Australia.Rai A; Nunn O
2020-02-04Regulating off-the-grid: stand-alone power systems in AustraliaRai A; Nelson T; Truswell A; Rozyn C; Sioshansi F
-Wind Generation and the Dynamics of Electricity Prices in AustraliaMwampashi MM; Sklibosios Nikitopoulos C; Konstandatos O; Rai A
2016-08-01Cost-reflective electricity pricing: Consumer preferences and perceptionsHall NL; Jeanneret TD; Rai A
-Financing Costs and Barriers to Entry in Australia’s Electricity MarketRai A; Nelson T
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