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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01Work, money, lifestyle: Plans of Australian retireesAgnew, J; Bateman, H; Thorp, S
2020-07-30Developing a Design Thinking Mindset: Encouraging designerly ways in postgraduate business educationGroeger, L; Schweitzer, J; Melles, GB
2020Disturbing Business Ethics Emmanuel Levinas and the Politics of OrganizationRhodes, C
2020-08-05Inequity in healthcare use among the indigenous population living in non-remote areas of Australia.Pulok, MH; van Gool, K; Hall, J
2020-08-19Implementing Fixed Dose Combination Medications for the Prevention and Control of Cardiovascular Diseases.Webster, R; Murphy, A; Bygrave, H; Ansbro É; Grobbee, DE; Perel, P
2020-06-21Pathways to a cancer-free future: a protocol for modelled evaluations to minimise the future burden of colorectal cancer in Australia.Feletto, E; Lew, J-B; Worthington, J; He, E; Caruana, M; Butler, K; Hui, H; Taylor, N; Banks, E; Barclay, K; Broun, K; Butt, A; Carter, R; Cuff, J; Dessaix, A; Ee, H; Emery, J; Frayling, IM; Grogan, P; Holden, C; Horn, C; Jenkins, MA; Kench, JG; Laaksonen, MA; Leggett, B; Mitchell, G; Morris, S; Parkinson, B; St John, DJ; Taoube, L; Tucker, K; Wakefield, MA; Ward, RL; Win, AK; Worthley, DL; Armstrong, BK; Macrae, FA; Canfell, K
2020-01-01Measuring Lexical Quality: The Role of Spelling AbilityAndrews, S; Veldre, A; Clarke, IE
2020Single mode resource constrained project scheduling with unreliable resourcesChakrabortty, RK; Sarker, RA; Essam, DL
2020-12-01Cultural Values, Deep Mining Operations and the Use of Surplus Groundwater for Towns, Landscapes and JobsLegg, P; Hatton MacDonald, D; Bark, RH; Tocock, M; Tinch, D; Rose, JM
2020SF-6D health state utilities for lifestyle, socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of a large international cohort of people with multiple sclerosisCampbell, JA; Jelinek, GA; Weiland, TJ; Nag, N; Neate, SL; Palmer, AJ; Mulhern, B; De Livera, A; Simpson, S
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